30-30 Bike Workout

The plan for this morning was a nice, relaxed long run.  That was the plan.
Strike #1: I woke up to pouring rain.
(I somehow convinced myself to go.)
Strike #2: The rain was more like sleet.
(I repeated some hard-core running mantras to myself.  You’ll feel like a beast when you’re done.  Once you get started, you’ll forget it’s rai- sleeting.  A little water never hurt anyone. Suck it up.)
Strike #3: My right achilles started to hurt.
(Clearly, today was not my day.)

I sulked for a minute or two before changing gears and heading to the small fitness room in my apartment complex.  I hopped on the stationary bike and rode up a pile of sweat with this hour long workout:

30-30 Bike Workout

I gauged hard v easy by effort, not RPM.  There’s a good chance that my hard and easy weren’t actually that much different.  Lots of panting happened.  I thought about doing an arm workout with the free weights afterward, but I was out of motivation for the day.


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