Rest Days

What I did today:

  • Drove home from school for Christmas break
  • Took a long nap
  • Gathered anything I might need (computer, charger, books, snacks) and created a pillow nest.  Did not leave the pillow nest for hours.

Rest day to the max!  My right achilles is still a little sore, so this is my vow to take four days off running.  I have no problem taking today off, guilt-free, but committing to rest days is usually my downfall.

Why is it hard to embrace rest days?  It seems that the more natural response is to feel guilty for skipping a workout instead of accepting I need a break.  Sometimes I need to remind myself of the truth about rest days:

  1. Our bodies appreciate them.  Rest days help prevent overuse injuries by letting our muscles recover.
  2. Our minds appreciate them.  Burnout is less likely when we switch up routine and give ourselves breaks.
  3. They help us focus on a balanced lifestyle.  Since life is much more than running and fitness, devote the “extra time” to something else!
  4. A rest day is not a lost day of training.  Fitness will be improved, not worsened, by the recovery day.

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