Pool Running

I hit the YMCA early this morning for a great pool running session.
I discovered pool running over the summer while I was injured (achilles…how great that my “achilles heel” is literally my achilles) and couldn’t run for a few weeks.  I googled every possible form of “how to stay in running shape when you can’t run” and stumbled across this crazy-sounding but surprisingly rewarding workout.

What you need:
1. pool (I stay in the deep end, but shallow-water pool running is possible too)
2. floatation belt (most YMCAs have them for water aerobics; ask the lifeguard)
3. water bottle
3. determination

How it works:

1. Put on the floatation belt, put your water bottle on the side of the pool, and hop in the deep end.
2. Move as if you were running.  Pump your arms and “run” with your legs.

This is a fantastic source of information for pool running.  Pete Pfitzinger details how and why to pool run, and he created a 9-week pool running plan to stay in shape during an injury that can be found here.

Today’s workout: 5 minute warm up; 2 x (8 x 2:30 hard, :30 rest); 5 x :30 hard (with :30 rest); cool down.

I did quite a bit of pool running over the summer and came to really enjoy it.  It became my favorite form of cross training after I got over feeling silly (okay, I’m still a little hesitant to pool run anywhere except my YMCA).  Sometimes people give you strange looks or ask what you’re doing.  Once somebody asked me if I was a synchronized swimmer.  If only.


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