Stretch Sesh

I logged Day 2 of pool running yesterday!  I had planned to do 5-minute intervals but ended up with a 40-minute “tempo” instead, with some sprints at the end.  I get a harder workout with interval repeats than with continuous pool running, but probably because I tend to slack on tempo effort.

My legs were pretty tight after two days of pool running, so my dad and I had a nice father daughter stretch session after dinner.
We go way back…
Stretching together since 1992!

Stretching is something that I never feel like doing, so I am a big time slacker.  Having a stretch buddy to hold me accountable helps, so when marathon training starts in January, I may try to rope Ryan into weekly stretching!

I wanted to pool run this morning, but the local high school is now on winter break, so the swim team practices from 8am-10:30am until January.  Normally it would not be a problem to go earlier, but all bets are off on Christmas break.  I thought (for a hot second) about getting there at 6:30am but dropped that plan and got there at 8am.  I spent a sweaty hour on the AMT.  The AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer…thank you, Google) is the machine that looks like the elliptical but its pedals don’t follow a set track, so you’re free to switch stride style.

It’s my favorite cardio machine.  My YMCA only has 2 of them, but they’re usually pretty lonely (the motion is tricky to get used to, and I’m pretty sure the senior Y members are scared off).

I tried and failed an arm workout when I finished on the AMT.  I picked up two free weights and kind of…lifted them in different ways.  This lasted about 4 minutes.  Frankly, I don’t know how to strength train and need to find some sort of pre-made checklist.  2013 goal.


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