Weight Training Kick-Off

Today was the first day of pre-planned strength training!  Before I left my house, I scrolled through Pinterest to jot down a few strengh exercises, and I divided them into 2 circuits.

After a 10-minute warm up on the trusty AMT, I completed both circuits 3x:

  1. 50 squats (with weights), 15 tricep kickbacks, 15 bicep curls
  2. 20 walking lunges (with weights), 15 bent over rows, 10 front raises.

I finished off with a few minutes of abs and a cool down on the AMT.
My pink notecard, small weights, and dumbfounded look helped my confidence soar in the weight room!

Thoughts from a newbie: I without a doubt would rather be running, but strength training is necessary to become faster and stronger.  I didn’t feel like I got as tough of a workout as I wanted to, but two guesses: 1. I could have pushed myself harder and 2. My workout-making skill needs some fine tuning.  I’ll lay down a goal of two strength training sessions a week.

Who doesn’t love opening a new jar of peanut butter?


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