Pool Running 2:30s

The Y opened at 8am this morning, so my dad and I were in the parking lot at 7:55, ready to pounce.  He swam, and I pool ran.
Workout: 10 minute warm up, 3 x 10 min (moderate), 6 x 2:30 (hard), 6 x :30 (hard), 3 x 2:30 (hard), 6 x :30 (hard), 15 minute cool down.
The reason why it sounds like an odd and random workout is because I only planned through the first set of :30 repeats–I made up the second half as I went.  The workout seemed to go by pretty quickly, and there was a lot to watch: shallow water aerobics, lap swimmers, adult swim lessons, the clock, and the artistic blue paint splotches on the wall.

Here’s a more structured pool running workout that focuses on hard 2:30 intervals:
2:30 is my favorite interval length: it’s short enough to keep up a hard effort, but long enough that you don’t have to sprint.

Achilles update: Both achilles tendons feel fine!   I haven’t run at all for six days, which was a good plan.  Not only did it give my achilles (and other tendons/joints/muscles) a rest, but it was a nice mental break, too.  I will hit the pavement tomorrow.


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