The Beautiful Rec Center

Reunited with Ryan after two and a half weeks of break!  Awesome!

Ryan and I went to the Rec center this morning, and it. is. HUGE.  There are TWO indoor tracks, about six different rooms of cardio bliss (isles and isles of treadmills, ellipticals, AMTs, the other machine that is a cross between an elliptical and an AMT, bikes, etc), weights & strength machines, snack bars, pools, and the tallest climbing wall I have ever seen, just to name a few features of this beautiful new building.  You could easily get lost in this place…good thing Ryan was there to navigate or else I would still be wondering around in a dazed stupor.
I parked myself on an AMT for an easy hour while Ryan hit the weights.  My pulled ab muscle (or whatever I did) still hurts, but the AMT did not bother it.

Yesterday’s workout recap:
Since Thursday’s easy elliptical didn’t aggrivate my wounded side/ab, I was determined to do another, albeit easy, workout on Friday.  The sun sparkled off the pavement and basically begged me to run outside, so I threw on tights and a pullover and jogged across the length of my apartment living room as a test.  Unfortunately, it really hurt (I’m not sure why the elliptical is painless, but three running strides are stabbing), so I exchanged the tights for shorts and walked over to the stinky little apartment complex fitness center for an hour on the stationary bike.


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