Church Change Backfire

Early last fall, Ryan and I found a church in town that we really like, and we went to the 10:30am service all semester.

My Sunday morning routine:
Wake up at 7am.
Complete Super Running Supplement outside on “The Lookout” (a little concrete area that overlooks the river.  It’s fairly hidden from the road, so I don’t have to feel awkward when doing squats and crazy moves) .
High Five Ryan as he sprints past The Lookout on the way back from his run (usually he joins me for an extra set).
Shower and eat power oats.

Ryan and I decided to do something crazy today and go to the 9am church service (leaving at 8:45am) and go to the [beautiful] rec center right afterward.  Turns out, I forgot to set my alarm and woke up at 8:30, so I jumped out of bed and threw on the a very unattractive assemblage of clothing and microwaved a bowl of oatmeal.  Time check: 8:45.  I text Ryan.  Ryan called.  Turns out, he forgot to set his alarm too, and my text woke him up.  Hello old classic 10:30am service!

Ryan and I made it to the Rec center at 3:30 for a workout, and I did another 65 minutes on the AMT.  My ab/side/injury still hurts when I stretch or use my abs to hold myself up, but it feels like it’s on the mend.  I had a hard AMT workout, but I made sure not to do any sprints or pull excessively with my arms because I felt like those would have hurt.


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