Face Matching Fun

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my textbooks.  They were shipped from amazon.com today!  Three textbooks and a 2013 running log are on their way (the running log was an impulse addition to the virtual cart as an attempt to brighten up the load).  This semester includes a ton of reading, so in the meantime, I’m dodging my way through class discussions like a rock star!

I got a new macbook a few weeks ago, and I’m having fun with a feature of iPhoto called Faces.  Faces is kind of like tagging people on Facebook: iPhoto shows you a face, you identify the mystery person, and it adds the picture to that person’s “section” on iPhoto.  Faces pulls up three close-ups and asks you to identify them, and sometimes it takes a guess.  Sometimes it takes a wrong guess…
This is one of my (more attractive?) running faces.  Not quite sure what I’m thinking about.  Faces asked if this was my dad.  Burn!

At work today, a patient brought in this hearing aid to be repaired:
Whoa!  That is what the inside of an In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid looks like.  (Surprisingly, the break was so clean that the hearing aid was still working!)

Fitness Talk
Today was another early morning with the AMT machine.  65 minutes with a variety of resistance and incline levels.  It was a good/hard workout, but I am definitely ready to take a break from the machines and run again.


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