Restday Wednesday

The only part of my marathon training I’ve started early is Restday Wednesday.  Though I finished clinic early and had plenty of time for a workout, I promised myself earlier this week to take Wednesday off.  Surely my stubborn ab-sneeze hindrance appreciates this.  (Update: continues to improve, but still hurts to run or twist).
So today was a total and complete rest day from all kinds of exercising.  The kickoff to Restday Wednesday!

Yesterday Fitness
6:30am: 60 min AMT.  I pushed myself a little harder than I had in the past few days to try some semblance of an interval workout.  I picked a new area of the rec center for a change of scenery and spotted a section of AMTs with attached TVs!  Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that the TVs weren’t actual TVs, but exaggerated monitors for distance and time.  They blocked my view of anything in front of me, so I spent the hour watching the time tick by…and some fascinating tutorial videos on proper AMT technique.


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