2013 Running Log Has Arrived

These last few days have been a whirlwind of reading articles, reading textbooks, and rereading my notes.  Semester two arrived with a bang.  Thankfully, my textbooks arrived, along with this little gem:
My running log!  This is my 5th straight year of logging.  I’ve tried several different calendars, and I like this one by Marty Jerome because it has room for everything I need (distance, when & where, comments) without extra space for nutrition and whatnot.  There are also inspirational quotes, tips, and pictures!

Fitness Recap
The ab-side-sneeze mystery is still lingering, believe it or not.  I haven’t run in over a week and a half, but I’ve been able to use the AMT.  I can twist my trunk with no pain, but it hurts to apply force and twist (is that called torque?  High school physics is coming back to haunt me.)  In other words, it hurts to scrape the ice off my car (as I told Ryan the other day, I am pretty sure scraping my car off is the worst chore/task ever).
As far as the injury goes, I’m mentally handling this one pretty well–my marathon goal (May 5th) is still far enough away to train for.

Since the last post, I’ve stuck with the AMT each day.  Each workout has been a little different: sometimes I’ll do intervals (:30 hard :30 easy or 2min hard 2 min easy), and sometimes I’ll crank up the resistance and incline.  Most of the time I do a random assortment of both and make it up as I go.

My goal to start running this week obviously did not work out, so I’m readjusting it.
New goal: Running on Monday, January 28th!  I can tough it out until then.  If grad school doesn’t get me first…


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