Restday Wednesday returns!

Today was mentally taxing and physically easy.  Not my favorite combination, but that’s okay.  I opened the clinic, worked for a few hours, went to class (Pediatric Aural Rehab), ate lunch really fast before clinic, and then saw some patients!  Report writing, studying Auditory Evoked Potentials for tomorrow’s quiz, and hanging out with Ryan wrapped up this day.

One of my New Years Resolutions is entitled LessPop2013.  The idea behind LessPop2013 is not to avoid pop, but rather to hit the drinking fountain instead of the pop machine.  The problem is that I always have a water bottle with me and guzzle water like it’s nobody’s business, so sometimes I just get tired of water.
A stipulation of LessPop2013 is that if the pop is free (fountain pop, a party, a luncheon), all bets are off.  (Luncheon?  When is the last time I’ve been to a luncheon?)
So far, LessPop2013 is off to a rocking start: I haven’t had any pop since coming back to school!  Coffee is another story, but that’s why this resolution is not called LessCoffee2013.


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