Return to running

I went for a run today!  Surprise!

I had planned to spend an hour with the AMT (and my old playlist that desperately needs changed) and even packed my bag for the rec center, but decided to do a “test run” through the living room before I left.  The longest straight stretch in my apartment is from the front door, down the only hallway, and into the closet–it’s hardly enough distance to fit in three running strides before face planting the closet door.
I tried it (slowly).  Pain free!
I tried it again (still slowly).  Pain free!
I told my roommate Lauren (watching my practice runs from the kitchen table) that I was going to try a practice run in the parking lot (slowly).  Pain free!  After a quick clothing swap, I went for my first run in almost three weeks!  It was chilly but unseasonably warm for January, and super sunny!  I went very slowly, but I went six miles. I probably should not have gone that far coming off an injury, but I am stubborn and impatient.  My side/ab was fine with the slow pace and a tall posture, but I could tell that it wasn’t going to let me push the pace.  I was trying really hard to be positive, grateful, and even elated, like any normal person should have been, but I was a little disheartened that I had to run so slowly.  On the AMT, I am a dripping powerhouse, but my breathing was hardly labored during the run, so I felt like it wasn’t a great workout.

I covered six miles in just under a 10:00 pace and got back to my apartment both feeling kind of blah and frustrated with myself for feeling blah instead of thankful.  I tied an icepack around my waist and plopped down in front of Facebook.  The first status on my news feed really hit me– One of my friends is training for her first half marathon, and she posted that she was very proud of her 11:48 pace for 6 miles.  That is awesome!  I’m proud of her too, and I am going to quit sulking.

The real question: Let’s see how my side feels a few hours post run.


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