Run Success and Fun Food

I am happy to announce that my injury seems to have made a miraculous recovery.  I felt fine after yesterday’s run, and I am so thankful for that!  I find it odd that I was in pain for three straight weeks, but then it disappeared almost overnight.  I will have to make sure to ease back into hard workouts.
I was able to run again today, and I incorporated some strength to the workout.  I welcomed the lunges and push ups with open arms…my muscles were ready to be sore.

4 x (Run 1 mile, 30 walking lunges/leg, 20 push ups, 25 bicycle crunches, 20 tri dips, 1 minute plank)
It took about an hour to do.

Here are three food pictures to make this post more fun.

Ryan and I had fun making chocolate caramel covered pretzels last night.  He got creative and made chocolate caramel covered Twix–in other words, double chocolate double caramel Twix! (pictured on the chocolate covered spatula).

This was the main part of my dinner tonight.  It’s my “go to” meal, which I affectionately call Egg Medley (the name sounds disgusting to match its looks, but it is delicious and healthy!)  Egg Medley has many variations–this is frozen peppers, frozen spinach, shredded carrot, and two eggs over bread/toast with feta).  Note that I am eating this on my lap while watching Cinderella on ABC Family studying.


While I enjoyed Egg Medley, my roommate Lauren made these fantastic biscuits!  She shared, and they are awesome!


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