Jan 29

Creative title, huh?

I am sitting in the audiology grad room with Lauren, Andrea, and Bre (my three classmates), and we are all waiting for a meeting at 5:30.  One of the second years is in here too, with two of her students (she is a teaching assistant, or TA, for an undergrad acoustics class).  One of the students brought her BABY!  BABY IN THE ROOM!  Making cute baby noises!

Today has been pretty slow-moving: I worked in the office all morning (sending out hearing aid repairs, checking in new hearing aids, doing paperwork, etc), and then we had our Hearing Aids class.  We practiced ear impressions again today, and Andrea and I each flew through two impressions.  We’re not ready to do them on real patients (we need to pass a “test” first), but we’re getting more comfortable doing them.

Confession: I bought a pity pop (Coke Zero) because it is raining and I don’t want to go to the meeting.

Fitness recap:
Yesterday during my run + strength routine, I felt a sharp pain in the inner thigh muscle on the left side when I ran or lunged.  I specifically remember not stretching before the workout (simply because I didn’t feel like it), so my laziness is partially to blame, I’m sure.  Instead of running today, I spent an hour on the AMT followed by 5 minutes of ab exercises.  I hate ab work, but I have this great new plan to do ab moves in small chunks, more often.  Yesterday’s sore muscle didn’t bother me at all today, thankfully, and tomorrow will be a complete rest day (Restday Wednesday).

Wednesdays are always long days: I open the clinic at 8am, work until class, go to class (2 hours of Pediatric Aural Rehab), shovel lunch in 20 minutes, and then be in clinic for 3-4 hours.  After clinic, I stay to put my charts together and write chart notes and assessment reports.


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