End of January

Happy last day of January!

Guess who turns the big 23 tomorrow?!  Since my birthday is February 1st, I feel a special connection to the whole month of February (which is good because February doesn’t have a whole lot going for it.)

Today began with a tough hour on the AMT machine.  I worked my way from L10 to L15, alternating between 30 seconds easy and 30 seconds hard for five rounds (with an easy minute of L5 between rounds).  The time seems to go by much quicker if I create a “workout” instead of just ho-humming it.  This workout was a good one.  I actually started on the indoor track before moving to the AMT and limped out three laps (with a little bit of groin muscle pain) by convincing myself that I’m fine..I just needs to warm up.  When I was warmed up and not fine, I sulked down three flights of stairs to the AMT.  Patience is a virtue I would LOVE to have!

Class-wise, Thursday is my light day: I have AEP (auditory evoked potentials) from 9:30am-10:20am, and then I am scheduled in the office until 12:30pm.  Andrea works with me on Thursdays, so I like the Thursday shift.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting groceries (I found a recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili that I’m going to try next week), doing laundry (two weeks worth!), and studying.  I am slowly plowing through the AEP reading (…from last week.  Don’t judge, it’s a long and boring hefty three chapters.)  I also reorganized my Medical Audiology notes.  Ryan and I skipped our Thursday night Life Group (Bible study/church group) in favor of homework, but hopefully I’ll still see him later tonight.

In honor of the last few hours of January, here’s an update on my NYRs (New Years Resolutions):

  • LessPop2013: This is going very well!  I’ve gone from 7+ pops a week to 1!  The only pop I’ve had so far this semester is two Coke Zeros from the vending machine and one cup (refilled probably four times) from a 2-liter of Diet Sierra Mist
  • Guitar2013: Have I mentioned this one yet?  My goal was to play guitar for at least 15 minutes every day.  I have not touched my guitar in…three weeks?
  • Bible2013: I’m reading one of those “One Year” Bibles, where the Bible is divided into 365 daily readings, and I am ON TRACK!
  • Sleep2013 (objective= more sleep): Meh..

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