Study, Run, & Pinterest Dinner

My Saturday was pro-duc-tive!  It was divided into three distinct chunks: Study block, long run, friend time.

Part I. Study Block
I got up at 9am and hauled my books to the kitchen table of my apartment, where I stayed for SIX HOURS straight.  I was in the zone, and it was awesome.  I finished two study guides for my Hearing Aid class, got a start on my lab report for Auditory Evoked Potentials, and read two articles for Medical Audiology.  For fear that I’d lose my groove if I took time to make any complex meals, I took the easy road with “Power Oats” for breakfast and “Power Cereal” for lunch.  I like to add the Power label when I add extra hearty ingredients to my food.  Power Oats included pumpkin, banana, and peanut butter; Power Cereal included sliced banana, walnuts, chocolate protein powder, and milk.
Study block ended at 3pm.

Part II. Long Run
I’ve always been one to workout first thing in the morning.  Usually, if it doesn’t happen in the morning, it doesn’t happen at all.  The problem is that this valuable morning time is also when I’m at my peak productivity for school work.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with school right now, so I gave my morning (and afternoon) to it and told myself I’d have to find afternoon workout motivation.  Somehow, I did, and I went for a 14 mile run in the snow.
I’m definitely not on track with my marathon training (the original plan I made called for 20 miles today.  Yikes!), but I’m okay with where I am right now.
My body was fine with the 14 miles, though it may have been the slowest long run I have ever completed.  It was flurrying and there was a slick layer of fresh snow on the ground, so my legs, feet, and ankles had to work extra hard to stabilize every step.  Someone is going to be sore tomorrow.

Part III. Friend Time
The run took a lot longer than I thought it would, so when I got back, I had just enough time eat a protein bar (that I finished chewing in the shower), take a shower, and head to Bre’s with Lauren for our Pinterest Birthday Dinner tradition!  There are four of us in the class, and we started this tradition with Bre’s birthday back in September: We stalk the birthday girl’s [food] Pinterest board to find a dinner recipe and a dessert recipe, and we all get together to eat!  Lauren and I had a joint celebration because our birthdays are so close.
Here’s what Andrea and Bre made:
Dinner: Tortellini with Edamame and Smoked Sausage (with a side of roasted edamame)

Dessert: Dunkaroo Dip

We had a great time eating, dipping, talking, and watching Chunk, Bre’s ADORABLE puppy!

Lauren, Bre, Andrea, and me

A great day.


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