Truckin Through Week 5

Let’s play a little catch-up from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Starting with the workouts…

Fitness Recap:
Monday: Run + strength workout, 6:30am at the rec center.  The strength workout was almost identical to Lower Ab & Arm Circuit from a few days ago–I only added in 30 lunges/leg.
Tuesday: 7 mile run.  6:30am at the indoor track.  I tried to put some speed in there: I ran my bookend miles nice and slow, but the middle miles averaged a 7:20-7:45 pace.
Wednesday: Restday Wednesday!  I’m hoping that my forced perkiness when talking about Restday Wednesday will eventually rub off and help me enjoy rest days.
Thursday: Run + strength workout–the SAME routine as Monday!

The workout game plan for the rest of this week is to run tomorrow morning and to go for a long run (15+) on Saturday morning.

In Other News

This has been a busy, power packed school week!  We are hurtling through week 5 of the semester, and midterms are on the prowl.  Bre and I were discussing the brick of papers/reports/projects/assignments we have due in the next few days.
To keep track of everything, I gave up on conventional planners last semester– I have a tendency to cram them in my backpack and work them until they are ripped apart with no functioning spiral rings to hold the pages together love them to shreds.  Instead, I came up with a NEW AND CHEAPER way to stay organized.  I found a monthly calendar template online, printed off a few months, and stuck them in a plastic report cover.  I write exams, appointments, events, etc., on the calendar, and I cross off each day as it goes by.  It’s an oddly satisfying feeling.  To keep track of assignments, I make a To Do list every day in a normal college-ruled notebook (I also love to cross off those items.  Sometimes I write things on the To Do list after they’re done just so I can cross them off).  So far, this system is working (and I saved like $8!).


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