Seventeen Miles

I ran 17 miles today, and it felt awesome.

Today was a stress-free, no school day.  My parents drove up for a belated birthday visit, so I got my run in before their arrival at noon.  I wasn’t quite sure how far I was going to run (I was hoping for at least 15), but once I got into a groove, 17 miles went by pretty quickly.  The temperature was in the mid-30s with the sun shining.  I didn’t bring any water with me, but I stuck a water bottle on the back of my car and stopped for a drink at mile 11–for the sake of laziness, I don’t think I fuel properly for long runs.  I find hydration belts to be annoying, so I only carry mine when I really have to.  I enjoyed the run at a relaxed pace, and my body felt strong–my left achilles was a tad bit sore toward the end, and it continued to be sore throughout the rest of the day (I definitely won’t run tomorrow).

When my mom and dad arrived, they took Ryan and I out to lunch, and then Ryan and I gave my parents a tour of the rec center (I’ve been raving about it to my dad all semester.  He was impressed).  The four of us spent the rest of the afternoon playing cards and snacking on the peanut butter brownies Ryan and I made last  night (brownie mix with appropriate ingredients + peanut butter + peanut butter chocolate protein powder + Reece pieces = SO good).

Aside from using this awesome new ear model from my mom to explain how sound works, I took a much-needed mental break from audiology today.

It’s [already] to the point in the semester where I need a break.  Friday was a rough day, and I’m very overwhelmed by everything that I need to know.  I think it’s normal to feel stressed, discouraged, and demoralized in graduate school, but it’s still an uncomfortable feeling.  The bright side: I will graduate eventually!


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