Happy birthday to the bro

Happy birthday to the adorable little boy below:
My little brother is nineteen today. Wow!
My older sister is on the left with the stick-on earrings, and I’m on the right with the clip-on earrings.

Tuesday: 7 miles total (3 slow, 3 @ 7:25 pace)
.  I did this run on the indoor track at the rec center at 6:30am.  I meant to warm up with 2 miles, but I had a really rough time getting started.  I was really hot, and my stomach was kind of upset from the bagel with peanut butter I ate beforehand.  After a slow 3 miles, I was able to get into a groove, and the faster miles were very manageable.

Wednesday: Confession: Today was not Restday Wednesday.  I got up at 5am and went for a run.  I’ve been feeling really stressed from school lately, and for some reason I’ve been constantly anxious…like I’m forgetting something important or I’m not studying hard enough.  There’s is a lot of information to know, and I’m worried that I won’t know it all or won’t remember it when I need to.  Anyway, this stress is creating a pressure buildup inside of me, and running helps to forget about it.  I ran a slow 6.5 this morning.

Closing thoughts: I heard the phrase “Beat me with a wet noodle” today for the first time.  Um, what?


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