Week Seven

Holy cow!  Busy busy.

My week in fitness:

Last Sunday was a well-deserved rest day after Saturday’s 20-miler.  I was a little sore but not in pain.  I updated my marathon training plan with new long run goals because I hadn’t been following my old schedule at all.  I would like to build up to 24 or 25 miles before the marathon, so my new plan alternates between two long run weeks and one medium run at a faster/tempo pace.  Here it is!

Monday: Run/Strength Circuit (similar to what I’ve been doing the past few weeks).  This was pretty tough after Saturday’s big run, so I took the leg work (lunges & squats) gently.

Tuesday: 65 minute AMT.  Tuesday is loosely reserved for speedwork (or Speed Lite, as my dad termed speedwork that is relatively easy), but I wasn’t in the mood.  Instead, I rocked out to music (my ipod playlist that hasn’t been updated in two years) and had a sweaty AMT workout.

Wednesday: Rest.  The return of Restday Wednesday!  I thought about getting up at 5am to run before school, but then I laughed and set my alarm for 6am.  Right now, sleep wins.

Thursday: Run/Strength Circuit (the same as Monday).

Friday: 20 minute AMT.  I usually go to the rec center at 6:30am before classes, but today I had to be at school extra early for clinic, so I wasn’t able to work out before school.  I went to school early to observe OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) hearing assessments because I will be part of the testing next year, and it was a neat experience.   A full diagnostic hearing assessment is typically allotted two hours, but the OSHA test battery is condensed, and six patients are scheduled per half hour!  Talk about being on the go!
Anyway, Ryan and I had plans for a “workout and smoothie date” after classes.  I headed to the AMT and he went to play basketball, but soon I saw him across the gym…hobbling.  Unfortunately, there was a person-to-knee collision that left Ryan’s left knee in rough shape.  (We got it checked out, and it is an MCL sprain.  Ryan’s sporting a giant knee brace and a pair of crutches–size extra extra tall–and he is handling this injury like a champion!  I would have been a big baby, but he hasn’t complained once.)  We spent the rest of Friday evening with an ice pack (frozen spinach), an entire frozen pizza, s’more ingredients, and our friends from The Big Bang Theory.

Saturday: 7 miles (2, 3 x 1, 2).  Speed Lite!  I did this on the indoor track at 5:30pm, and my speed miles were about 7:20-:30.

Before the workout and after the trip to the ER for Ryan’s knee casualty, Andrea and I spent a large chunk of Saturday working on our AEP lab and our hearing aids lab.  I’m glad our schedules coordinated so nicely to get two big assignments off the ground!

Ryan and I had a dinner picnic of spaghetti squash and cheese tortillini on my floor on Saturday night.  His ice pack was promoted from a bag of frozen spinach to a legitimate hospital ice pack:

Sunday: 11 miles (1:38; averaged 8:40-8:50 pace).  It was sunny and mild outside, but I wasn’t feeling this run.  I guess they can’t all be winners.

Up next: Week 8.  My last week of pediatric aural rehab class (sad because I like the material; happy because I want the time).  Here we go!


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