Little Kiddie Music Time

Happy Wednesday!

On Wednesdays, I open the clinic at 8am, work in the office until class at 10:30am (pediatric aural rehab), and then I see patients in the audiology clinic from 1-4pm.There are four of us in my aural rehab class, and today we each gave a presentation on a different intervention program we were assigned to.  Mine was called TuneUps: a program created by SLP Amy McConkey Robbins and music therapist Chris Barton that helps children develop language through music.  It comes with a CD of super cute songs with kid-friendly themes (e.g. pizza, dinosaurs) that encourages interaction and communication.  Some tracks introduce different instruments, and other tracks are fun songs that can easily be adapted to fit the learning and communication needs of a wide variety of kids. I had a blast presenting it to my classmates!

Before I decided to go into audiology, I was a music major and my dream job was to teach kindergarten music.  I love little kiddie silly songs, and there is a surpringly large amount of learning material from a simple song: teaching turn-taking, facial and bodily expression, listening and auditory skills, literacy, etc.  My mom is a kindergarten teacher who incorporates a lot of music into the classroom, and I think it’s awesome.

What wasn’t awesome was that all of my patients cancelled this afternoon in clinic!  On the bright side, my supervisor and I made great use of that gift of time: she made up pretend patients, and we role-played through different scenarios.  It was a very beneficial way to spend my afternoon.

Then I spent a few quality hours with my AEP (auditory evoked potentials) notes and THIS:
My New Year’s Resolution of LessPop2013 fell into a ditch last week.  Sometimes I just need a little study present.  We have a quiz in AEP tomorrow and an exam in AEP on Friday.  Coke Zero and I were busy gearing up for it.

I was able to spend some time with Ryan today too, which is always a good thing!  He made us a rice, TVP, & mixed veggie combination for dinner and had the genius idea to add in peanut butter.  It. was. so. good.


Monday: Run/Strength Circuit

Tuesday: 7 miles (2, 5 @ tempo pace).  The weather was pretty miserable when I woke up–sleety, slippery rain–so it took a little extra “oomph” to go to the gym instead of cozying up with some coffee and my aural rehab presentation for Wednesday (that I hadn’t started  yet).
When I got to the rec center, I ran a slow two miles on the indoor track and planned to kick mile 3 into gear to do mile repeats.  Mile 3 came and went at a less-than-ideal speedwork pace, so I turned today into tempo run day.

Wednesday: Rest!

The running plan for this weekend is…22 miles.  Gulp.  Depending on my stress level and the weather, I may push this off until spring break.  We’ll see.


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