Pitch Perfect > Studying

I mentioned today’s goals in the last post: run a subject or 2 in the AEP lab, study, and spend time outside because it looks beautiful out!
2 of the 3 were achieved!  I didn’t exactly get around to studying, but I did some fun things instead.

My workout this morning was a run/strength circuit outside:
Super Running Supplement (an old standby):
Super Running Supplement
I completed 6 circuits, though I shortened each 5-minute run to a 3-minute run.  It was gorgeous outside–I was comfortable in a tank top and shorts!  My phone said it was 28 degrees, but I am pretty sure it was at least 40 degrees.

In the afternoon, Bre ran me as a subject for the AEP lab, and then I ran Ryan as a subject.  Bre flew through testing me, though I was still able to fall asleep.  In this lab, one of the variables we are manipulating is the number of wave collections (called sweeps); normally we collect 1500 or so sweeps to get a stable measurement with background noise filtered out.  This lab asked us to collect as low as 100 sweeps!  You would never do this in real practice because the responses aren’t reliable enough, but it was a nice change of pace for the lab.  Less sweeps=quicker lab=happy labbers.

Ryan agreed to sit through the AEP lab (like always), so I expressed my appreciation through a Penn Station Dinner date afterward.  I ordered the same thing I always get at Penn Station (a make-your-own with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, & pickles with a side of pizza sauce) and a diet Pepsi (New Year’s Resolution of LessPop2013 is so far gone), and Ryan tried the Chicken Cordon Bleu (our pronunciations include: bleur, blehh, blurr).

My post-dinner plan included studying for AEP and medical, but what I actually did was go to Bre’s apartment to watch Pitch Perfect.  We didn’t even try to fool ourselves by opening our notes & textbooks, and we opened jelly beans and pretzels instead.  This movie was fabulous!  Spoken by a true non-movie watcher with an embarrassingly small movie collection (try 2), I really enjoyed it.  I’m a sucker for singing and dancing, so I was sold within the first few minutes.

Happy Easter in T minus 33 minutes!


Route Setters?

Weekend weekend weekend!

Ryan and I kicked off the weekend with a really healthy dinner on Friday night …and a mess of creative snacks:
Only the best s’more combos possible.  Graham crackers, marshmallows, m&ms, chocolate pieces, Reese’s pieces, [crunchy] peanut butter, and [crunchy] Nutella.

I saw this on my facebook news feed yesterday (posted by the University rec center):Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 5.09.21 PM
Route Setter Tryouts.  “Tryouts will be held to fill an open Route Setter position with the climbing Wall Program.  Candidates must have extensive indoor and outdoor climbing experience and be able to consistently climb at the grade of 5.11 and/or V4.”

This is a job?  I had no idea that there was a science behind placing the rocks.  A quick Google search led me to the RSA (The Route Setting Association) website, climbing gyms, route setting tips, and information on upcoming certifications and clinics.  Gyms even boast that their top-notch rock setters re-set the wall several times a year.  Wow!  If I were designing a gym with a rock wall, I am pretty sure I would have arbitrarily placed rocks in spots that “looked about right” and left them there forever.  The last time I climbed a rock wall was with a large group of six year-olds at YMCA day camp.  As camp counselor, I was demonstrating to my group of campers that the rock wall wasn’t as scary as they thought (I was terrified).


Marathon recovery is going well except for my left hamstring.  It’s really tight and a little sore.  This is the same muscle that the chiropractor told me was really weak when I had an appointment over spring break, so I suppose that makes sense.  He recommended strengthening it with reverse planks and thought I would notice a big difference in my running if I spent a few minutes every day in reverse plank position.  I’ve been trying to do a few reverse planks every day–I did 3 yesterday and 4 the day before (1:00 each), which brings my grand total for the whole week to 7.  oops.

After the marathon, I took Sunday through Tuesday completely off, and I started back with an hour AMT on Wednesday after school.  Ryan and I had a workout date planned!  My legs felt fairly rested, and it was great to sweat again.

Thursday: Easy version of the run/strength circuit I’ve been doing all semester.  I began by running 2 laps, but my left hamstring was really tight and almost twinging, so I went right into some slow strength moves with plenty of rest breaks.  I finished 4 circuits in the amount of time it usually takes me to finish 5, and I was feeling pretty tired.

Friday: Easy 4 miles (my left hamstring was tight for the first mile, but it loosened up and felt fine.  I did a mini arm workout after the run with medicine ball moves and push ups.

Today’s goals: run a subject or 2 in the AEP lab, study, and spend time outside because it looks beautiful out!

Benji Durden

While we shivered at the starting line on Saturday for the Circular Logic Marathon, my dad and I chatted with two other runners at the starting line.  One was a woman from Minnesota who is trying to run a marathon in all 50 states, and the other person was an older man from Colorado with the same goal.  The woman’s name was Anne, and the man’s name was Benji.  Anne wanted to finish around 3:30 (she kicked butt with a 3:27!), and Benji’s pace goal spanned the large range of 7:30 to 8:40 per mile.  He ended up finishing right after us, with a 3:38.

Then I forgot about Anne and Benji until I got a text from my dad tonight: “Do you remember Benji from the race?  Google him.  Benji Durden.”

I googled.

Benji is a legend.

Benji was a member of the 1980 Summer Olympics US marathon team, a coach for elite runners, and according to Wikipedia “With a personal record of 2:09:57, Durden recorded 25 sub-2:20 marathons in less than a decade. He ranked among the top ten US marathoners six straight years, reaching seventh in the world in 1982.”

Here’s a long article about him from Runner’s World

Ryan took this picture at the starting line.  Benji is the man in orange.DSCN0496

Here’s another picture just after the race started.  Benji is still the man in orange, next to my dad.

How cool!

Roach Alert

The good news: Lauren and I may have a new pet!
The bad news: His name is Ronny the Roach.

We had a roach turd spotting this morning for the second time this week.
My words to Bre: “We have roach poop.  We found it this morning.  The poop, not the roach, so don’t worry.”  Comforting, right?

We’re taking the spray and pray approach.

This is our first apartment problem since the sink incident last fall.  The sink incident involved a very unfortunate sink plumbing problem where we had the opportunity to see everything that had gone down the garbage disposal from the floors above us.  It came out of our drain.  All of it.
I took that one for the team.

In other news, we had a great audiology club fundraiser/dinner at Noodles & Co. followed by a fundraiser/dessert at Orange Leaf tonight!  We moaned and groaned about how full (and cold) we were as we walked to Orange Leaf after a pasta pig-out, but we somehow found room for frozen yogurt.  I had no problem finishing mine… and Andrea’s (and almost Bre’s).  Both companies donated a portion of the profits to our club, and we will put the money toward scholarships and organizations.  Our last big donation went to Indiana Hands & Voices.  Indiana Hands & Voices is an organization for professionals and parents of hard of hearing or deaf children, and a network to connect, share information, and show support for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Check them out!

King of all Trail Mix

Hello from the tundras of Indiana!  Someone needs to have a chat with the groundhog.
Here’s a quick shot of the road from the bus stop.  We got about a foot of snow last night (!?!), and the roads were terrible, so the buses were understandably behind.  I heard that one got stuck on the side of the road, and the snow plow that came to its rescue got stuck too.  I intended to take the 9:00am bus, but 9:00am came and went with no bus.

I was still waiting with my fellow 9:00am bus buddies when the 9:30am crew sprinkled in.

And then the 10:00am group joined us.  Needless to say, the bus was full at 10:00am.

It was kind of a weird day; I ended up not having any classes today (I missed one from the bus fiasco and the other one was cancelled), but I didn’t really get anything done. I think I worked in circles or something.

Changing gears entirely, let’s take a moment to talk about the perfect trail mix.

At the end of the school day, the audiology club set up a table at a university-wide health fair, where we advocated hearing health.  After manning the table for an hour and seeing dozens of people walk by with little baggies of trail mix, Lauren and I delegated table duty and made a bee-line across the room to a trail mix buffet.  This got me thinking about the ultimate trail mix.
trail mix
Half pretzel, half everything else.  Other key players include almonds, peanuts, chocolate chips, any type of dried fruit, and pretzel m&ms.  I have never actually seen pretzel m&ms in trail mix, but what a valuable addition.

Marathon Recovery:
I’m feeling really recovered from Saturday’s marathon.  I was waddling a little for the rest of Saturday–[my dad, Ryan, and I went to Walmart a few hours after the marathon to buy some easter goodies for a group of kids my home church is supporting, and the 3 of us were moving at a very leisurely pace.  Ryan with a torn ACL, and my dad and I with rubber legs].

My hamstrings were sore on Sunday, but the rest of me felt pretty good.  I walked around the grocery store to move my legs, and I wore compression sleeves for most of the afternoon.
Today my left hamstring is still a bit sore, but I feel recovered for the most part.  I’m planning to take it easy tomorrow and Wednesday and do an easy workout on Thursday.  This recovery is going a lot better than recovery has for previous marathons, which I think I owe to the consistent strength training (mostly lunges & squats) over the past few months.

Circular Logic Marathon Recap

I ran the Circular Logic Marathon on Saturday.  I PR’d by 21 minutes and qualified for Boston!  It was an exciting morning.

Let me back up…

I was training for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in May when I stumbled across a local and unique marathon–26.2 loops around a one-mile path.  I emailed the race director to ask if there were any more spots open for the relay team division because how fun would that be?!  Long training run in a fun race environment!  Well there weren’t any relay spots open but there were 3 full marathon spots open, so I called my dad and asked if he wanted to run a marathon with me in four days.  He said sure.

My goal for the Flying Pig marathon was to BQ (3:35), so my modified goal for Circular Logic was to go out at a BQ pace (8:13) and reassess at 20 miles, to see if I should keep going or save my legs for the Pig.

I felt good, so I went for it and finished in 3:34!  Slid into the BQ with 15 seconds to spare, and it was awesome!

I owe so much of this race to my dad.  He offered to pace me, and he stuck by my side the entire race.  e did it!  He coached me, blocked the wind, reminded me to run the tangents, passed me salt tablets, and kept me hydrated.

The water table plan for the race was awesome.  As the course was a one-mile loop x 26 times (the 0.2 miles were added to the first lap), there was one water table, and racers were asked to bring their own bottles marked with a W for water or G for Gatorade.  If you wanted fluid, you grabbed your bottle when you passed the table, drank, and then threw it in a basket a little down the way.  Genius.

As we approached the water table at each mile, my dad would ask me what I wanted (I had a Gatorade and a water), and he would run ahead to get it for me so I wouldn’t have to stop or slow down!  When I was feeling rough, he even carried a water and Gatorade bottle for the whole lap!  He gently pushed me along.  This was the only race (and the longest run) we had ever completed together, and it was such a cool experience.  I am so thankful that he was willing to do that for me!


Not sure what mile this is, but I like this picture!

Ryan came with us and cheered us on at every mile.  I loved seeing him 26 times!  He was also designated photographer and did a fantastic job. Here are the mile splits: Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 6.24.26 PM

Crossing the finishing knowing I hit my Boston qualifying time was amazing.  After running for over 3 and a half hours and from being so excited, I had a hard time breathing and standing.  I’m pretty sure (actually I am positive) that I hugged and kind of fell on the older man who gave me my medal.


Post race father daughter picture


Ryan the photographer, sideline support, and crazy who did 20 push-ups for every mile we ran

Overall, it was a great experience!  The race director and volunteers did a fabulous job of putting this race together without a hitch.  I would definitely do it again!  [But not any time soon.  I am beat!]

Getting pumped for race day!

I’m sitting here drinking my pre-marathon pop (good idea or great idea?) and getting psyched for the race tomorrow!

The weather should be okay (it starts at 9):
Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 4.52.59 PM
I’ll take mid-30s and sun over rain any day.

My dad should arrive between 9 and 10pm tonight, and we’ve been emailing back and forth to make sure our fuel bases are covered:

Pre-race: bagels and/or waffles with Nutella (him) or peanut butter (me).  He has cereal too.  I think I would barf if I ate both and ran.

Mid-race: I’m going with fancy fruit snacks (PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts, strawberry banana flavored).
Post-raceMyoplex.  These protein drinks are miracles in a bottle…they do wonders for muscle soreness!

Here’s the race plan:
See how an 8:00-8:15 pace feels and stick with it as long as I can.  If it doesn’t feel good, slow down to what is comfortable (and either finish out the race or stop after 20 to save my legs for the Flying Pig in May).  My ultimate “reach” goal time is 3:35, which is an 8:12 pace.  I’m not very confident about finishing in 3:35 tomorrow, but I’ll shoot for it and see what happens.

In other news:
We survived the first week back from spring break!

Ryan and I went to Life Group last night, and it was great to see everyone after skipping a few weeks from being so busy.  Alicia made tacos, so I piped in and said Ryan and I would bring Mexican rice without thinking that I had a meeting Thursday evening and had no time to make it.  Ryan and his culinary self offered to do it!  [Just like the time I promised my medical audiology class I would bring in cookies and then got really busy and stressed out, so Ryan made cookies for my friends while I studied in his living room.  Wow!]

I bought the ingredients we needed, but didn’t get them over to Ryan before he left for school on Thursday morning, so after a quick brainstorm via text, we decided I would leave the bag under his car.

One of my many talents is being almost late to everything and everywhere and scrambling at the last minute to do so.  Thursday morning was no exception.  I didn’t have time to make it all the way to Ryan’s car (about 100 extra feet), so I put the bag under my car.  Except I didn’t really have time to put it under my car, so I put it next to my car.  And the sun was shining, so I spent the day wondering what sort of plant was growing out of the onion next to my car.

Anyway, it all worked out; the bag didn’t get stolen, Ryan made delicious rice, and we had a fun time with our friends!