Circuit Workout: No Weights Required

Hooray for Thursday!

For me, Thursday has 3 items on the agenda:
1. 6:30a: workout
2. 9:30a: class (Auditory Evoked Potentials)
3. 10:30a-5:00p: work in the audiology office

It is a loooong shift in the office, and today it was pretty slow; not very many broken, weak, or clogged hearing aids came my way.  This was a blessing because it gave me the whole afternoon to study for the AEP exam tomorrow.  Fun!  We had a quiz today that was easier than I expected, so hopefully the exam will go as smoothly.  You can bet I bought a[nother] pop to work through those notes!

I took a break at lunch to create a graphic of my workout this morning.  It wasn’t too terribly different from my usual run/strength circuit on Mondays and Thursdays, but I did add in a few bursts of heart-pounding cardio with skaters and burpees.  After a few laps around the indoor track, I completed this Circuit Workout: No Weights Required:

The skaters and burpees added a new challenge!  I think burpees are really hard and I usually try to avoid them at all costs, but I sucked it up today.  The good news is that the lunges were promoted from least favorite to second least favorite.

Time to put my study hat on!


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