Twenty Miles: Round 2

My running shoes clocked 20 miles today!

It was a little slower than I had hoped, but I still covered the distance, so I can’t complain (I decided on 20 miles instead of 22).  This weekend isn’t quite as swamped as the past few weekends have been, so I took advantage of it by letting myself sleep in a little bit and started the run at 8am.  After a quick stretch, I was off in the flurrying 20 degree weather.

It took me 10 solid miles to get into my groove, so oddly enough, the second half seemed easier than the first.  My right achilles tendon started bothering me around mile 5, so I stopped quite a bit to stretch, praying that it would feel better.  I’ve learned from experience that the achilles is not something to mess with, but I’m not very good at following my brain and tend to push myself more than I should.  Fortunately, after thoroughly stretching my butt, my achilles felt fine…
I doubled back to my apartment after 10 miles to change clothes because I was wet and freezing from the falling snow.
Aside from the achilles twinge, snail pace, and clothing change detour, the run was okay.  Not great, but okay.  I am ashamed to say that I didn’t bring water with me, but I did get a drink and a pack of fruit snacks halfway through.  When it gets warmer, I promise I will bring water.

I spent the next six hours working on a hearing aids lab with Andrea, and we finished it!  Yay!  Weekly pop count: Four?  I’ve lost count.

Ryan and I made a pasta + veggie + TVP + sauce combo for dinner and then watched a few episodes of Pushing Daisies.  Pushing Daisies is a t.v. series about a guy who can bring people/things back from the dead by a touch BUT there are rules: it dies if he touches it again.  If he does not retouch it in 1 minute, something/someone else drops dead.  Creepy show, but Ryan and I both enjoyed it.

In other news:

  • Ryan’s MCL strain continues to heal, and his attitude is as positive as ever!  He is rocking those crutches and is a pro at climbing 3 double-flights of stairs without his left foot even touching the ground.  It’s impressive.
  • My AEP exam went well yesterday!
  • Five more school days until spring break!

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