In the ZONE face

Monday Monday.

I started the morning with a hard 60 minute AMT workout.  I sandwiched hard 1:30 intervals between :30 rest (levels 10-15) for the first 30 minutes and spent the second 30 minutes with :30 hard, :30 easy.  It was tough, and I was dripping.  Good thing there are no mirrors in the rec center; I am sure I was sporting my In The Zone face.  Observe:
The nose-squinch and furrowed eyebrows say it all.

Monday is usually a run/strength circuit day for me, but my right achilles didn’t feel quite right today, so I’m playing it safe.  I think it needs a little more recovery after Saturday’s long run–Sunday was most definitely a total rest day–but I’m giving my achilles a few extra days to fully recover.  Since the run/strength circuit barely includes any running, I’m hoping to do it tomorrow.

In other news, our Pediatric Aural Rehab class is officially over; our final exam was today.  I loved the material we covered, so I’m a little sad, though it will be nice to lighten up the workload.

Only a hearing aids exam, clinic, and a few hours of classes stand between me and SPRING BREAK.  Super pumped to go home and see my family!


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