24 with Dad

Nothing says “Welcome Home, Karen!” like a 24 mile run with my dad.
The plan was to run for 3 hours 30 minutes and be happy with whatever mileage we managed.  I’m following my dad’s progressive build-up marathon plan (adding 15 mintutes to the long run every weekend), and he was up to 3:30 today, so that’s what we did–we covered 24 miles exactly!  Usually when my dad and I run, we start together for a mile or so and then he settles into his own pace (he is faster than me), but today we stuck together until the end.  It was great to have so much time to catch up!  I’m not sure 20+ miles can ever fly by, but they seem to go by quicker when someone is sharing in your misery.

I am a wimp when it comes to carrying water (I would rather go thirsty than carry a water belt), so my dad took one for the team and carried water for both of us.  We ran two large loops, so we established a personal pile of extra water and shedded clothing along the side of the road and refilled his water belt halfway through.

I felt pretty good for the most part, but the last few miles were challenging.  Once we reached 3 hours, I was counting down the last 30 minutes.  We made a pact to stop at exactly 3:30 and walk home no matter where we were, but we ended up with great timing and only walked about 2 streets home.

During the run, my dad and I decided that a trip to Costco was in order for that afternoon: 59-cent fountain pop, free samples, and walking a bit sounded wonderful.  After a hot shower and quick phone call to Ryan, my mom, dad, and I did some economy-sized shopping at Costco.  Let me just emphasize how much my LessPop2013 resolution is failing.

I think a long run and the first day of Spring Break 2013 fully justify the unlimited fountain pop refills.

I found this cute surprise on my desk when I got home:
My dad bought it at an art fair with my mom.


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