Strawberry bagels

Today was another pool running day.  I purposely went at the same time as I did on Monday to have the company of the water aerobics class.  I get a little self-conscious when I pool run because even though it is a great workout, I feel like it is kind of weird.  With 25 or so water aerobic-ers in the water with me, I feel a little less weird; plus, the class gives the life guard something else to watch.

My legs were beat after today’s workout (basically the same workout as Monday).

I went to lunch with my sister today!  She is a CPA, and she and some coworkers were assigned to audit our Y this week!  She has spent this week in a room off the lobby with stacks of boxes and piles of paper.
I went over to say bye after my workout, and we ended up going to lunch–we looked great together: she in her dress clothes and me in my too-short sweatpants and chlorinated self.
We went to a nearby bagel deli.  She got an asiago bagel with turkey, muenster, tomato, and avocado spread, and I got a strawberry bagel with turkey, ham, lettuce, & tomato.  I also got pickles because I love pickles, but I ate them separately because they don’t blend well with strawberry bagels.

The strawberry bagel reminded me of eating in the cafeteria at my undergrad.  There was a “bagel box,” and the bagel flavor changed every week.  Strawberry bagel week was awesome.  Spinach bagel week was not.


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