Driveway Circuit

These past few days have been incredibly lazy (I’m starting to feel a little guilty), but my spring break plan was to veg.  In my mind, if I leave the house (running counts), then I can call it a productive day.  Today, my workout happened on my driveway, so I’m struggling to call it any sort of productive.  It’s been veg-tastic.

I set up camp on my driveway for a full body circuit workout.DSCN0472

The workout was really similar to the circuit I’ve been doing on Monday & Thursday, but I wrote it down and kept it next to me so I wouldn’t have to think as much.  Okay, I only wrote it down to make it pretty and festive.

I completed 6 sets (!!) of the work out and 1 set of the vertical side note.

Other exciting things that happened today:

  • I skyped with Ryan!  
  • I made Parmesan Meatloaf .  I sliced and froze it, and I’m taking it to school.  I also made teeny mini banana muffins to keep in my freezer at school.
  • I organized my school binders.

I’m currently watching the SEC Track & Field Championship on ESPN (after slight consideration for The Brady Bunch or Happy Potter 5).  A story came on about Dozer the Goldendoodle that escaped his electric fence, joined the Maryland Half Marathon at mile 5, and finished it out like a champ.  The race was benefiting a cancer center in Maryland, and $17,000 was donated after the news about Dozer got out.  Go Dozer!


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