Borrowed Socks, Tonto, and Walmart Apparel

Our YMCA opens at 8am on Saturdays.  When my dad and I arrived at approximately 8:03am, the pool was packed!  One of the life guards teaches a low-key SwimFit class on Saturday mornings, and today was the biggest turnout ever.  Every lane was taken, and some lanes even had 2 swimmers.  Needless to say, I was not about to pool run in a pool full of intense and intimidating swimmers (I’ve only recently gotten over feeling silly pool running in the presence of an elderly aqua-aerobics class).

I changed gears (and clothes) and hopped on the AMT for an easy hour.  I only brought one sock (later I found its mate on my bedroom floor), but my dad gave me his socks.

It was a weird workout.  My legs were tired before I started, and they just got more tired as I went (duh).  My dad and I are running a half marathon tomorrow morning, but we’re treating it as a tempo run as part of marathon training instead of a race.  Race sounds intimidating and scary; tempo run sounds slightly better.  We purposely didn’t taper for this  “tempo.”

After today’s YMCA workout, my dad and I played a mean game of Tonto while we ate lunch.  Tonto is a card game that we play all the time; my dad loves it, and I’m the only one who will play it with him.  We played four games this week and each won two.  Here’s the evidence, displayed on a scrap paper from my mom’s kindergarten classroom (low score wins):

My mom and I ran a few errands this afternoon to get some supplies for her classroom.  She is on a mission to find a very particular type of organization system for scissors crayons, sticker gems, and other fun art supplies.  We searched Walmart last night with my sister, but to no avail.  They made fun of my matching fuzzy boot slippers and jacket combo, which I thought was totally Walmart appropriate (and would have worn but my slippers would have gotten dirty).
I bought the blue jacket from Old Navy earlier this week.  Whenever I shop, there is a strong magnetic pull between me and anything blue.  Plus this was on sale.  I couldn’t resist.

To end the afternoon, my parents and I headed to the Saturday evening church service.  Both of my parents play in the praise band–my mom plays trombone and my dad plays guitar–and I joined them tonight on guitar.  I haven’t played guitar for more than a few minutes in the past several months…years?…so my fingers were toast by the end of the service.  It was fun though!


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