Back to school!  It’s always tough to go back after a long break.

Over break, my sister Laura and I went to the library (I got six books and finished zero.  She got five(?) books and started zero.)  There was a table display of books about Ireland and books about running to commemorate the annual St. Patrick’s Day 5k/10k in town.  Next to the book arrangement was a trivia drawing!
The question: How long is a marathon?
We happily wrote “26.2 miles” on the small pieces of paper and entered into the contest.

Laura won.  Here’s what she got:
A reusable grocery bag, a plastic tumbler, fancy chocolate, coffee, a pen, and a button!

This is not the first time Laura has beat me in a contest that both of us (and the general public) have entered.  Shall we relive the time she was awarded runner up for Mellon Bank’s “create us a slogan” contest?
Her entry: Mellon makes your money grow.
My entry: Mellon bank makes melons grow.
My 7-year old self did not understand why mine was not chosen.

I felt okay after Sunday’s half marathon.  Though neither achilles bothered me during the race, my right achilles was a bit sore for the rest of the day and Monday.  The rest of my legs felt recovered.
Monday: I had a shakeout AMT “workout” on Monday morning–a very easy 50 minutes, followed by some stretching.
Tuesday: A modified version of this circuit workout.  I finished four rounds, but I took a lot of rests.


I am running a marathon on Saturday!

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 7.32.25 PM

It was a little spur of the moment.  A lot spur of the moment.  There’s a low-key local marathon this weekend, and I thought running part of it would be a fantastic way to do my long run this weekend.  I emailed the race director, who said that there were no open relay spots, but there were 3 open marathon spots.  So I’m running the whole thing.  I called my dad to bounce the idea off him, and he decided to come visit this weekend and run it too!

This race is unique: We run 26.2 laps around a 1-mile park loop.  I’m pretty excited that the farthest I will be from spectators, water, and my car is approximately 8.5 minutes.
I don’t quite feel ready for the full 26.2 distance right now, but worse case scenario is that I get tired and stop.  Or walk.  Or take a break.  Since I wasn’t planning on this race, I don’t have anything riding on it.
Fun fact: It’s a Boston qualifier!  I would love to qualify for the Boston marathon eventually, but I need a 3:35.  That’s an 8:13 pace.  For 26.2 miles.  That sounds difficult.

I haven’t decided on my strategy for this race, but there are a few options:
1. Race it and try to qualify.  My dad offered to pace me.
2. Go nice and slow, just to fit in a long run and not risk injury.
3. Something in between.

I think I might try to race it, but I haven’t told my brain yet.  I don’t want it to get nervous.  eee!


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