Circular Logic Marathon Recap

I ran the Circular Logic Marathon on Saturday.  I PR’d by 21 minutes and qualified for Boston!  It was an exciting morning.

Let me back up…

I was training for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in May when I stumbled across a local and unique marathon–26.2 loops around a one-mile path.  I emailed the race director to ask if there were any more spots open for the relay team division because how fun would that be?!  Long training run in a fun race environment!  Well there weren’t any relay spots open but there were 3 full marathon spots open, so I called my dad and asked if he wanted to run a marathon with me in four days.  He said sure.

My goal for the Flying Pig marathon was to BQ (3:35), so my modified goal for Circular Logic was to go out at a BQ pace (8:13) and reassess at 20 miles, to see if I should keep going or save my legs for the Pig.

I felt good, so I went for it and finished in 3:34!  Slid into the BQ with 15 seconds to spare, and it was awesome!

I owe so much of this race to my dad.  He offered to pace me, and he stuck by my side the entire race.  e did it!  He coached me, blocked the wind, reminded me to run the tangents, passed me salt tablets, and kept me hydrated.

The water table plan for the race was awesome.  As the course was a one-mile loop x 26 times (the 0.2 miles were added to the first lap), there was one water table, and racers were asked to bring their own bottles marked with a W for water or G for Gatorade.  If you wanted fluid, you grabbed your bottle when you passed the table, drank, and then threw it in a basket a little down the way.  Genius.

As we approached the water table at each mile, my dad would ask me what I wanted (I had a Gatorade and a water), and he would run ahead to get it for me so I wouldn’t have to stop or slow down!  When I was feeling rough, he even carried a water and Gatorade bottle for the whole lap!  He gently pushed me along.  This was the only race (and the longest run) we had ever completed together, and it was such a cool experience.  I am so thankful that he was willing to do that for me!


Not sure what mile this is, but I like this picture!

Ryan came with us and cheered us on at every mile.  I loved seeing him 26 times!  He was also designated photographer and did a fantastic job. Here are the mile splits: Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 6.24.26 PM

Crossing the finishing knowing I hit my Boston qualifying time was amazing.  After running for over 3 and a half hours and from being so excited, I had a hard time breathing and standing.  I’m pretty sure (actually I am positive) that I hugged and kind of fell on the older man who gave me my medal.


Post race father daughter picture


Ryan the photographer, sideline support, and crazy who did 20 push-ups for every mile we ran

Overall, it was a great experience!  The race director and volunteers did a fabulous job of putting this race together without a hitch.  I would definitely do it again!  [But not any time soon.  I am beat!]


15 thoughts on “Circular Logic Marathon Recap

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  2. Awesome having you with us, Karen!!! Congrats on your great run and time with your Dad…he was truly awesome, too!!! Nice pix…thanks for the kind words.

    Joe Ely, RD
    Circular Logic Marathon

    • Thanks again for squeezing us in at the last minute. Both of us had such a great time and will keep it in mind for next year! Thanks for encouraging me to “dig deep” in those last few miles!!

      • You are welcome!! The long-lasting value of a marathon is, IMHO, what happens in your mind over the last 8 miles. Digging deep to find mental discipline and physical endurance is a necessary exercise. Glad you did it!! Enjoy the rest of your semester!!!

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