King of all Trail Mix

Hello from the tundras of Indiana!  Someone needs to have a chat with the groundhog.
Here’s a quick shot of the road from the bus stop.  We got about a foot of snow last night (!?!), and the roads were terrible, so the buses were understandably behind.  I heard that one got stuck on the side of the road, and the snow plow that came to its rescue got stuck too.  I intended to take the 9:00am bus, but 9:00am came and went with no bus.

I was still waiting with my fellow 9:00am bus buddies when the 9:30am crew sprinkled in.

And then the 10:00am group joined us.  Needless to say, the bus was full at 10:00am.

It was kind of a weird day; I ended up not having any classes today (I missed one from the bus fiasco and the other one was cancelled), but I didn’t really get anything done. I think I worked in circles or something.

Changing gears entirely, let’s take a moment to talk about the perfect trail mix.

At the end of the school day, the audiology club set up a table at a university-wide health fair, where we advocated hearing health.  After manning the table for an hour and seeing dozens of people walk by with little baggies of trail mix, Lauren and I delegated table duty and made a bee-line across the room to a trail mix buffet.  This got me thinking about the ultimate trail mix.
trail mix
Half pretzel, half everything else.  Other key players include almonds, peanuts, chocolate chips, any type of dried fruit, and pretzel m&ms.  I have never actually seen pretzel m&ms in trail mix, but what a valuable addition.

Marathon Recovery:
I’m feeling really recovered from Saturday’s marathon.  I was waddling a little for the rest of Saturday–[my dad, Ryan, and I went to Walmart a few hours after the marathon to buy some easter goodies for a group of kids my home church is supporting, and the 3 of us were moving at a very leisurely pace.  Ryan with a torn ACL, and my dad and I with rubber legs].

My hamstrings were sore on Sunday, but the rest of me felt pretty good.  I walked around the grocery store to move my legs, and I wore compression sleeves for most of the afternoon.
Today my left hamstring is still a bit sore, but I feel recovered for the most part.  I’m planning to take it easy tomorrow and Wednesday and do an easy workout on Thursday.  This recovery is going a lot better than recovery has for previous marathons, which I think I owe to the consistent strength training (mostly lunges & squats) over the past few months.


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