Roach Alert

The good news: Lauren and I may have a new pet!
The bad news: His name is Ronny the Roach.

We had a roach turd spotting this morning for the second time this week.
My words to Bre: “We have roach poop.  We found it this morning.  The poop, not the roach, so don’t worry.”  Comforting, right?

We’re taking the spray and pray approach.

This is our first apartment problem since the sink incident last fall.  The sink incident involved a very unfortunate sink plumbing problem where we had the opportunity to see everything that had gone down the garbage disposal from the floors above us.  It came out of our drain.  All of it.
I took that one for the team.

In other news, we had a great audiology club fundraiser/dinner at Noodles & Co. followed by a fundraiser/dessert at Orange Leaf tonight!  We moaned and groaned about how full (and cold) we were as we walked to Orange Leaf after a pasta pig-out, but we somehow found room for frozen yogurt.  I had no problem finishing mine… and Andrea’s (and almost Bre’s).  Both companies donated a portion of the profits to our club, and we will put the money toward scholarships and organizations.  Our last big donation went to Indiana Hands & Voices.  Indiana Hands & Voices is an organization for professionals and parents of hard of hearing or deaf children, and a network to connect, share information, and show support for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Check them out!


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