Route Setters?

Weekend weekend weekend!

Ryan and I kicked off the weekend with a really healthy dinner on Friday night …and a mess of creative snacks:
Only the best s’more combos possible.  Graham crackers, marshmallows, m&ms, chocolate pieces, Reese’s pieces, [crunchy] peanut butter, and [crunchy] Nutella.

I saw this on my facebook news feed yesterday (posted by the University rec center):Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 5.09.21 PM
Route Setter Tryouts.  “Tryouts will be held to fill an open Route Setter position with the climbing Wall Program.  Candidates must have extensive indoor and outdoor climbing experience and be able to consistently climb at the grade of 5.11 and/or V4.”

This is a job?  I had no idea that there was a science behind placing the rocks.  A quick Google search led me to the RSA (The Route Setting Association) website, climbing gyms, route setting tips, and information on upcoming certifications and clinics.  Gyms even boast that their top-notch rock setters re-set the wall several times a year.  Wow!  If I were designing a gym with a rock wall, I am pretty sure I would have arbitrarily placed rocks in spots that “looked about right” and left them there forever.  The last time I climbed a rock wall was with a large group of six year-olds at YMCA day camp.  As camp counselor, I was demonstrating to my group of campers that the rock wall wasn’t as scary as they thought (I was terrified).


Marathon recovery is going well except for my left hamstring.  It’s really tight and a little sore.  This is the same muscle that the chiropractor told me was really weak when I had an appointment over spring break, so I suppose that makes sense.  He recommended strengthening it with reverse planks and thought I would notice a big difference in my running if I spent a few minutes every day in reverse plank position.  I’ve been trying to do a few reverse planks every day–I did 3 yesterday and 4 the day before (1:00 each), which brings my grand total for the whole week to 7.  oops.

After the marathon, I took Sunday through Tuesday completely off, and I started back with an hour AMT on Wednesday after school.  Ryan and I had a workout date planned!  My legs felt fairly rested, and it was great to sweat again.

Thursday: Easy version of the run/strength circuit I’ve been doing all semester.  I began by running 2 laps, but my left hamstring was really tight and almost twinging, so I went right into some slow strength moves with plenty of rest breaks.  I finished 4 circuits in the amount of time it usually takes me to finish 5, and I was feeling pretty tired.

Friday: Easy 4 miles (my left hamstring was tight for the first mile, but it loosened up and felt fine.  I did a mini arm workout after the run with medicine ball moves and push ups.

Today’s goals: run a subject or 2 in the AEP lab, study, and spend time outside because it looks beautiful out!


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