Pitch Perfect > Studying

I mentioned today’s goals in the last post: run a subject or 2 in the AEP lab, study, and spend time outside because it looks beautiful out!
2 of the 3 were achieved!  I didn’t exactly get around to studying, but I did some fun things instead.

My workout this morning was a run/strength circuit outside:
Super Running Supplement (an old standby):
Super Running Supplement
I completed 6 circuits, though I shortened each 5-minute run to a 3-minute run.  It was gorgeous outside–I was comfortable in a tank top and shorts!  My phone said it was 28 degrees, but I am pretty sure it was at least 40 degrees.

In the afternoon, Bre ran me as a subject for the AEP lab, and then I ran Ryan as a subject.  Bre flew through testing me, though I was still able to fall asleep.  In this lab, one of the variables we are manipulating is the number of wave collections (called sweeps); normally we collect 1500 or so sweeps to get a stable measurement with background noise filtered out.  This lab asked us to collect as low as 100 sweeps!  You would never do this in real practice because the responses aren’t reliable enough, but it was a nice change of pace for the lab.  Less sweeps=quicker lab=happy labbers.

Ryan agreed to sit through the AEP lab (like always), so I expressed my appreciation through a Penn Station Dinner date afterward.  I ordered the same thing I always get at Penn Station (a make-your-own with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, & pickles with a side of pizza sauce) and a diet Pepsi (New Year’s Resolution of LessPop2013 is so far gone), and Ryan tried the Chicken Cordon Bleu (our pronunciations include: bleur, blehh, blurr).

My post-dinner plan included studying for AEP and medical, but what I actually did was go to Bre’s apartment to watch Pitch Perfect.  We didn’t even try to fool ourselves by opening our notes & textbooks, and we opened jelly beans and pretzels instead.  This movie was fabulous!  Spoken by a true non-movie watcher with an embarrassingly small movie collection (try 2), I really enjoyed it.  I’m a sucker for singing and dancing, so I was sold within the first few minutes.

Happy Easter in T minus 33 minutes!


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