A Tribute to my Classmates

I see four people who are done with their first year of AuD classes!
Photo on 4-26-13 at 1.23 PM #2

We can’t celebrate quite yet because we still have a hearing aids exam, hearing aids lab practical, and an auditory evoked potentials exam.  …And a huge comprehensive exam spanning everything we’ve learned since we’ve been here.  No pressure, right?

Today as we waited for our last class to start, my tablemate–
Photo on 4-26-13 at 1.23 PM #3
–expressed that reading the fine details of my runs and workouts in this blog isn’t very exciting.  Being the faithful Wednesday morning exerciser she is, I do not understand.

Anyway, we took advantage of this time to create something other than running to post about.  Five minutes?  Just enough time for a class photoshoot!

Photo on 4-26-13 at 1.23 PM #4

Photo on 4-26-13 at 1.24 PM
Lauren!  Who, for whatever reason, dodged the camera.  Luckily I snapped this gem just in time.

Photo on 4-26-13 at 1.24 PM #2
Andrea and me, pumped for our two-hour lecture on troubleshooting hearing aids!

Photo on 4-26-13 at 1.25 PM
Bre was being way more productive than we were.


Ceiling Sunroof

An update on the giant hole in our bathroom ceiling: It’s still there.

Maintenance has been busy taking care of the crazy flooding last weekend, but hopefully they’ll get to us soon.  I bit the bullet after a day and showered under this, and it was super creepy.  Thankfully, I’ve made it out alive and clean three times without any creatures, critters, or weird ceiling dwellers falling on me.


Tuesday: 7 miles on the indoor track.  I would have done this outside, but I was avoiding our shower and used the shower at the rec center.
I warmed up with 2 miles and then ran the next 5 at a fast tempo pace, with a minute of rest between each mile.  I like this workout becaues it’s easier than full-out speedwork or a tempo run, but I’m still running at a faster pace than normal.

Wednesday: 40 minute full body strength
Ryan picked me up after clinic for a workout date!  I took a few minutes beforehand to jot down some moves and combine them to create this workout:

Legs & arms

I probably should have started with a few minutes of cardio to loosen up my muscles, but I hopped right to the weights instead.  This workout was comfortably hard.  I used 5lb dumbells for the front shoulder & side shoulder raises, and I used a random mix of 10-15 lb dumbells for the other moves, depending on how tired I was.  I did all of the leg work first before moving to the arm work.
The hardest moves: Leg= weighted lunges.  Arm= side shoulder raises.

Thursday: 7 miles outside.  Easy pace with a few sprints at the end.

Happy Thursday!

The Incredible Hulk and a Drippy Ceiling

Guess who did 240 push ups yesterday?!
Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 10.48.12 PM

Aw yeah.  Do you like my pants?

I ran over to a short but steep hill for this workout:
4 x (run up the hill, 30 push ups, 30 lunges/leg, run down the hill, 30 push ups, 30 lunges/leg, 25 tri dips)

This workout was power-packed with push ups and walking lunges, and it was challenging.  The lunges were harder for me than the push ups were; by the third circuit, I stopped for a breather every few lunges.

Monday: 7 miles in the morning.  No shin pressure or crazy legs!  This run had a slow start, but then I got moving at a decent pace– Lately I feel like all I can do is crawl for the first mile or so of every run before my legs wake up.  I was pretty sore from the triple-digit lunges yesterday, but my arms took the push ups surprisingly well.

This evening, there was a reception for a visiting prospective faculty member held at a current faculty member’s house, and all AuD students and staff were invited.  It was beautiful outside, so we mingled, talked, and snacked in her house, on her deck, and in her backyard.

She had THE COOLEST BACKYARD KNOWN TO THIS EARTH.  Treehouse with suspension bridge, giant rope swing, zipline, trampoline, and balance beam, just to name a few treasures, all overlooking a picturesque ravine.  I didn’t really get a chance to talk with the candidate, but I did get a chance to play with the kids and go down the zipline!

Here’s Andrea on the zip line platform, getting ready to jump.  She was a little nervous, but she did a great job!  This picture does not do justice to the height factor.  It was scary up there!

Lauren and I were welcomed back by a steady drip of water from our bathroom ceiling into our tub.  We called emergency maintenance, and while we waited an hour for him to come, the problem got worse.  The steady drip picked up speed and started coming from multiple spots on our ceiling.


We were not amused.


The maintenance man came and ended up cutting out a patch of drywall from our ceiling to investigate the leak.
DSCN0640 DSCN0641

Awesome.  He replaced a piece of plumbing that was rusted/moldly/most likely the root of our problem.  Let’s hope this water problem is solved.


Ball State and other fun things

Last night, Ryan and I drove to Ball State University to watch my brother’s a capella group Note to Self perform.  It was a fun day, and Greg did a fantastic job!

Ryan and I took a few minutes before the trip to check out the flooding down the street from all of the rain we’ve had.
Lauren said that she saw someone canoeing in our parking lot!  Our flooding closed down several main roads, but other areas of the Midwest are under worse conditions than we are.

Here’s a close-up.  This is how I get to the grocery store.  [Which I haven’t done for a while.  In my fridge: 31 single-serving packs of humus, a can of coffee grounds, and salad dressing.]

The drive to Ball State wasn’t drowned, but it was close.

We arrived at around the same time as my mom, dad, and sister Laura, so the five of us played cards and snacked in Greg’s dorm lobby while he showered and got ready; the college boy was rolling out of bed when we got there.

We all hung out and explored a bit before the concert started at 6:15.  The concert was put on by Ball State’s male a capella group Note to Self, but it featured the female group Ladies Choice for several songs.  Both groups did a fabulous job, and Greg rocked his solos!

Sib pic! Me, Greg, Laura

Family picture after the concert with our rock star in the middle.

Ryan and me

It was a fun day, and I’m glad we were all able to go!

While on the subject of fun things, I have been more social in the past four days than the rest of the semester combined.
Some highlights from the week:

  • Bre, Chunk, and I watched Rent on Wednesday night at our pajama/yoga pant only event.  I provided the chocolate.  Chunk cracked me up; he sat on Bre’s lap like a little human.
  • Andrea, Alex, Ryan and I went to Five Guys for dinner after Andrea and I finished a meeting on Thursday.  Alex and Ryan are both recovering from injuries (foot fracture and knee surgery, respectively), so Gimp 1 & Gimp 2 had some ground to cover.
  • Our Thursday night Life Group hung out on Friday night to celebrate Joey’s birthday with games and pizza. The girls were absolutely crushed in guys v girls Trivial Persuit 90’s Edition.  As a ’90’s baby, I was no help.  Cut-throat Dr. Mario tournaments also took place.


Thursday: Hill strength circuit.  I used a steep hill that takes about 2 minutes to run up.
5 x ( run up the hill, 30 push ups, 30 walking lunges per leg, run down the hill, 20 squats with side kicks per leg, 25 trip dips ).  I loved this workout!  The hill added intense cardio between sets without doing burpees (I hate burpees) or mountain climbers (I hate mountain climbers) or any of those other jumpy cardio moves.

am: 7 mile run
pm: 30 minute strength.  Ryan and I got a late start to our workout date after school, but we still managed to squeeze in 30 good minutes.  I took the wrong approach and tried to rush through full body strength instead of targeting something specific like arms, but now I know better for next time.

Saturday: 10 mile run + Pinterest inspired circuit
After finishing the 10 mile loop, I felt energized and wanted to keep going, but I didn’t know where to run (the flooding covered 90% of my normal routes).  Instead of re-running the area I had just covered, I went inside and completed this circuit from Pinterest:
I liked it because you start with 10 reps of each exercise and work your way down to 1.  It only gets easier!  I did side lunges instead of front lunges, and I subbed in tri dips for the reverse crunches.  This workout reminded me to vacuum my room because I was absolutely covered in hair afterward.  Gross!

The rest of this day is dedicated to labs and study guides for our hearing aids class.

Baby Jimmy!

Something very exciting came in the mail today.

A baby!!  His name is Jimmy.  Actually, his name is Baby Isao (short for something technical), and you can find the information here on the Intelligent Hearing Systems website.  Jimmy can be programmed to have hearing loss, and we (the students) get to run ABR (auditory brainstem response) and OAE (otoacoustic emission) testing to diagnose his loss.  This little cutie has metal bits all over his head and ears for us to attach electrodes to.  I’m really excited to play with him learn from him.

You can bet I walked through my building and introduced baby Jimmy to every faculty and staff member I could find.  I’m still trying to figure out why I got weird looks from undergrads as I cradled him through the hallway…


Monday: Lower Body circuit:
Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.17.51 PM

I started with 5 minutes of incline walking, completed the leg circuit, and then finished with 15 minutes of incline walking.  Incline walking?  This was the first time I had ever “incline walked” as my cardio of choice, and it was serious business!  I set the treadmill to an incline of 13 and a speed of 4, and I couldn’t maintain it for more than a few minutes without holding on to the arm rails.  I compromised by holding on for 30 seconds and letting go for 2 minutes.  Whew.

Tuesday: 65 min AMT, abs
There was nothing exciting about this workout.  It was pouring outside.

Wednesday: 8 mile run.  Contrary to tradition, today was not Restday Wednesday.  I didn’t have clinic because my supervisor is out all week, so my entire afternoon was gloriously free.  I worked on a paper and went for a run with this new-found time.
The run had a bit of a rocky start (shin pressure and a bad case of crazy legs for the first 3 miles), but I felt a little better after I stopped and stretched.  I ran into RYAN on his way home from school and walked with him.  He was looking fancy in a suit, and I was looking nasty in my sweat, so we were an odd pair walking down the street.

Virtual Run

After what happened yesterday, it’s inspiring to hear how so many people jumped in to help by offering physical and emotional support.

13 Examples Of People Being Awesome After The Attack On The Boston Marathon

Runners from all over are participating in a virtual run–any distance, any place, any pace–to unite the running community.  You can download the bib from http://www.runjunkees.com.  It looks like this:
Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.41.24 PM

I haven’t run since Sunday because the weather has been stormy, but I’ll be out sometime soon with this bib on my heart.

The Boston Marathon website (www.baa.org) posted a Statement from Thomas Grilk, Executive Director of the Boston Athletic Association the day after the marathon.  Here is the last paragraph:

“Boston is strong. Boston is resilient. Boston is our home. And Boston has made us enormously proud in the past 24 hours. The Boston Marathon is a deeply held tradition – an integral part of the fabric and history of our community. We are committed to continuing that tradition with the running of the 118th Boston Marathon in 2014.” (www.baa.org)


Thoughts and prayers go out to the Boston runners, families, volunteers, and spectators.  It’s heartbreaking and scary to think that what should have been the celebration of an incredible running accomplishment turned into a tragic disaster.

I’ve gotten word that all of the Boston runners I know are safe and sound, but I wish that everyone could say the same.