Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

I’ve seen a handful of really cute throwback Easter pictures on facebook today, including terrified babies screaming to get off the Easter Bunny’s lap, sisters in frilly matching dresses, and even a dog (shout out to Chunk!) on the EB’s lap.  I remember getting my picture taken with the Easter Bunny and wearing a supercute outfit for the occasion–I proudly picked out Winnie the Pooh denim overalls paired with a long-sleeved denim shirt underneath–not as supercute as my 7-year old self imagined it being.

I started this morning with a [very slow] 7 mile run outside.  This is the first weekend all semester I haven’t had a double-digit weekend run, so it was nice to finish the run in an hour.  I was a little tight and tired from all of the lunges and squats yesterday, so I kept the run at a leisurely pace.  I foam-rolled my calves and hamstrings before heading out, which was a great decision–no crazy legs or shin pressure, and my hamstrings felt much better.

Ryan and I went to the 10:45a church service this morning (we had become 9am-ers for the past few weeks), and it was a packed house!  So awesome!

After church, we went on a lunch-hunt to find an open restaurant.  After failing about 4 times, we ended up at Panera, which was totally fine with me (I will never turn down Panera. Ever.), and it gave us the opportunity to use the Panera gift card my parents sent as an Easter present.

Parking lot Easter pic.

That’s about where the Easter festivities ended.  I met Andrea after lunch to work on two labs, and then I studied until Ryan rescued me with a homemade peanut butter banana smoothie/milkshake.  Maybe I’ll check out Walmart’s supply of post-Easter discount jelly beans tomorrow.


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