April 2

Three cheers for Tuesday!

Here is a picture of vigorous learning:
Photo on 4-2-13 at 1.29 PM

Four things I learned today:
1. How to select, verify, and validate MPO (maximum power output) of hearing aids.
2. The difference between a primary and secondary acquired cholesteatoma.
3. That three weeks is cutting it close to my laundry limit.
4. Tropical Starburst jelly beans are the best jelly beans.

This week has been relatively relaxed, which has been awesome, and it’s a short week too!  Thursday through Saturday is the annual ISHA (Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association) conference in Indianapolis, and my classmates and I are going on Thursday and/or Friday to listen to speakers, support our classmates and professors who are presenting, and learn more about speech, language, and hearing!

Since we’re on the topic of speech, language, and hearing, let’s take a look at Purdue’s brand new brochure for our Speech, Language, and Hearing program/clinics.Here’s the front and the back:

It looks great, right?

Except for this:
Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.08.07 PM
Yikes!  I remember this photo shoot from September.  I also remember smiling.

Workout recap:

Monday: run + strength circuit workout.  I cut out the walking lunges and planks from my normal circuit (for the lame reason that I didn’t feel like doing them), and I changed a few other moves.  It went something like this:

Run 0.5mile, 4 x (30 side lunges/leg*, 25 push ups, 20 leg lifts, 1:00 skaters, 30 squats*, 25 trip dips, 30 side crunches/side, 10 burpees, run 2:00)
*with a medicine ball

Tuesday: 7 mile run.  I actually did this on the indoor track because I’m a baby.  It was dark and cold outside.  I warmed up with 2 slow miles and then ran a few semi-fast repeats (the pace was around 7:20-7:25).  My hamstrings are feeling much much better than last week.  There was a little bit of pressure in my shins, but I felt good overall.

Ryan has his ACL surgery tomorrow afternoon (he hurt his knee playing basketball a few weeks ago, and an MRI confirmed a torn ACL).  I’m excited for him…one step closer to being able to run around (and walk around) and play outside!  I’m dedicating this sentence to the fact that he has had the most positive, cheerful attitude ever regarding this injury.  (I told him today that if it were my knee, I wouldn’t have any friends because I would have been Negative Nancy to the max for the past few weeks).  Praying for a speedy recovery!


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