2013 ISHA conference

Andrea and I spent the day the day with speech language pathologists, audiologists, and other students at the ISHA (Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association) conference in Indianapolis.  Here are some highlights:

  • We went to a presentation regarding policy changes on the universal newborn hearing screening and learned how the changes helped Purdue identify babies with hearing loss at a younger age.  The goal is to identify babies with hearing loss by 3 months of age and to begin intervention (e.g. hearing aids, therapy) by 6 months of age in order to give the baby access to speech as soon as possible.  The policy change took out a few steps to shorten the time between failing the hearing screening at the hospital and a follow-up assessment.  The current process for Purdue’s clinic is that when a baby fails his newborn hearing screening at the hospital, a hearing assessment is scheduled before the family even leaves the hospital.  This way, we don’t waste any time getting help to the baby.
  • We listened to a cluster of audiology student forum presentations, which were also really interesting!  Three students presented their research.  Topics included cochlear implants and pitch modulation, behavioral outcomes for children with similar hearing loss but different home environments, and dyslexia and the efferent auditory pathway.

Andrea and me.  Current classmates, future colleagues!  We just need Bre and Lauren.

I headed “home-home” after the conference and spent some time catching up with my parents before heading out for a workout.

Let me preface this workout by listing what I drank today:
-a pot of coffee before/while driving to the conference
-more coffee at the conference
-a gigantic fountain pop on my way home from the conference

Water count: Four sips? (possibly a generous overestimation)

Looking back, I shouldn’t be surprised that I had a terrible workout.  My breathing was way more labored than it should have been, my heart was thumping way faster than it should have been, and I thought I might throw up Dr. Pepper at any moment.  Yuck.

No more pop, ever.
Just kidding.

I ended up finishing a [very] toned-down run/strength circuit with plenty of rests.  Yesterday was Restday Wednesday, so it was nice to get even a little work out in.

In other news, Ryan’s surgery went well!  Yay!  Well on his way to recovery!


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