Xenia Half Marathon

My dad and I ran a half marathon this morning in Xenia, OH!
It was a nice, fairly low-key low-cost race with about 1000 half-marathoners and 300 full-marathoners.  Great volunteers and great sunny weather!

I wasn’t quite sure how this race would go for me since the marathon was only two weeks ago, but my dad put this race on his calendar a while ago as part of his marathon training, so I decided to tag along.  Since I just ran the Circular Logic Marathon, I’m considering not running the Flying Pig Marathon (my original goal race) so that I can focus on final exams, but it’s still up in the air.  The Pig is one month away, so I have some serious pro&con weighing to do.

Back to today’s race.  The first 4 miles were on the roads with rolling hills, and the rest was on a paved, flat trail.  The mile markers were difficult to see, so I was only able to get a few splits.
Usually in a race, I get into a groove and feel strong for at least a few miles, but that didn’t really happen today.  I didn’t feel good for any of the miles, and I knew it was a bad sign when needed water at the first water stop (I’m notorious for not drinking enough). Although the temperature was perfect, the wind was a little whippy, and I was just tired.  My calves cramped a bit, and I had crazy legs starting at mile 4 that eventually settled down.

I finished in 1:44 and was glad to be done.
My dad kicked butt (like always).  Here is our traditional father-daughter post race picture:

Other than the actual running, the race was awesome!  Handy parking, a nice trail, and a happy environment full of friendly runners!

My favorite spectator posters included:

  • “Worst parade ever”
  • “Hurry up…my arms are tired”
  • “Some of you aren’t wearing underwear”

Several of my dad’s running friends were there this morning, so we had fun chatting and eating with them afterward.  Another bonus for this race was their array of hot food afterward: soup, cookies, fruit, peanut butter, and pop.  Kind of an odd mix, but salty chicken noodle broth hit the spot.

My legs are feeling pretty good, and I’m not nearly as sore or tight as I was after the last half.  And now I’m back at school for 3 more weeks of classes until exams.  Wow!


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