Basketball Stars

Today was absolutely gorgeous.  Class ended a little before 4:00p, so I enjoyed the pretty weather on the mile-long back to my apartment, changed into shorts, and went right back out.  I went for a long walk through some of the trails around here (so relaxing) and wanted to borrow someone’s dog to walk.  Or kid to play with.

Ryan and I tried to study outside later that evening, but my notes were blowing all over the place, so that didn’t last long.

I feel good after yesterday’s race (my left upper hamstring/butt is sore, but I expected it to be), so I peeled myself out of bed this morning for an [easy-ish] workout.  I warmed up with 20 minutes on the elliptical and then went over to the weights for an upper body workout.  This was my first time venturing over the land of the “big and strong folks,” so I felt a little awkward and tried to keep to my corner.
I ended up doing 3 sets of each of the following:

  1. 15 hammer curls + 15 tricep kickbacks
  2. 15 front shoulder raises + 15 tricep extensions
  3. 15 bicep curls + 15 side shoulder raises
  4. 10 push ups + 20 tri dips

I finished off with a short ab workout and a 20 minute cool down on the elliptical.  I am a total newbie in the weight lifting world, but today was a nice change of pace.

Rumor has it that there is a big basketball (NCAA Championship) on right now.  I’m watching American Ninja Warrior instead.  Basketball isn’t really my thing.

Here’s a little peek into my history with basketball:

Laura was more of the family basketball star:

Such little athletes.  Do you like our uniforms?  Matching nightgowns with sweatshirts and plastic masculine dress-up hats.

School-wise, this week shouldn’t be too bad.  We have a big hearing aids exam tomorrow, but I think [I hope] that is the only hard thing this week.


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