$5 and New Kind of Tempo Run

What’s the only thing worse than taking an exam with a sniffly nose-blowing classmate?  Being the sniffly nose-blowing classmate.

I think I am allergic to spring in Indiana.  I’ve been sneezing up a storm and carting around a roll of toilet paper as a makeshift tissue box, but I’ll definitely take a drippy nose for warm weather (70?!).

We had our third exam today in hearing aids, and I’m pretty sure I left every ounce of brain power in that blue book.  The class period is 1 hour and 50 minutes, but none of us was near done after 1 hour and 50 minutes, so our professor let us stay for another 20 minutes or so.  No guarantees that my novel-sized exam is legible, but it’s finished.  Yay!


I ran outside this morning, dark and early.  My left upper hamstring/glute hurt for the first few minutes, but it started to feel okay as I warmed up.  I went about 7.5 miles total, but I did something different: the first half of the run was slow and easy, and the second half was 2 minutes tempo, 1 minute slow, over and over again.  I judged the tempo pace entirely by effort, not by actual pace, and it was fun.  I’m usually not a fan of tempo runs because they sound long, hard, and daunting, but the 2 min on/1 min off plan was doable.

And then I found $5.
But really.

We had a hilarious discussion at life group two weeks ago about times you’ve found money and what you’ve done with it.  

Our group had very diverse stories.

  • Alicia found $5 and flushed it down the toilet (she claimed she was a little kid).
  • Ryan found $5 and turned it in (the person behind the desk assured him that she would put it in the lost & found with a sticky note)
  • One of my YMCA campers found $20 and turned it in to me.  I brought it to my boss, who told me to add it to our “counselor slushy fund.”  We did.

On a different note–

I participated in The Color Run in Columbus, Ohio, last summer with my sister and a few friends, and it was a blast.

Here’s us mid-run.

Post race and colorful!

I’m on The Color Run’s email list, and I got an email a few days promoting The Color Run’s “nocturnal cousin,” Electric Run.  Electric Run is a 5k at night, set to a light show.  You are encouraged to wear costumes that light up, glow in the dark, blink, and sparkle.  Here’s a screenshot from the website:
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 8.46.32 PM

Maybe it’s just me, but this sounds (and looks) mildly terrifying.  Being chased in the dark by a mob of glowing people?  I’m not so sure about this.


3 thoughts on “$5 and New Kind of Tempo Run

  1. I found $3 on a run once! I was excited, but I chose to give it to a family who hangs out and panders in the neighborhood. I figured I was fine before the $3 and would be fine after. It was quite exciting though!

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