Rainy and Wormy

Have I mentioned that I don’t like lab reports?
Or that I’m really good at making posters and really bad at making spreadsheets?

Current strategy: Enter a number, eat a jelly bean.  Enter another number, eat another jelly bean.  This bag of jelly beans may or may not be completed (depleted) before my lab report is finished.


Wednesday: Restday Wednesday.  Yay.

Thursday: I started the morning with running/strength circuit work outside.  After 2 sets of Super Running Supplement (minus the squat jumps), I wanted to do something different and tried to recreate the Hill & Strength Circuit Workout from last December.  I couldn’t remember all of the moves, so here’s what I ended up with:

  • Run up the steep hill (~2 minutes)
  • 30 push ups
  • 30 lunges/leg
  • Run down the steep hill (my favorite part)
  • 15 squats with side kicks
  • 20 tri dips

I finished 4 sets of this, and my legs were all sorts of wobbly.  I loved (and hated) running up and down the hill because it was something different, but lunges are killer after going up.
I had taken a short break from hard strength circuits for the Xenia half marathon (the last strength circuit I did was the mess from last Thursday, fueled by diet coke and coffee), so I think I might be sore tomorrow.

We’ve had rainy weather for the past few days, so every worm in the midwest is squirming around on the sidewalk.  I like to look for those super long worms–so creepy yet so fascinating. I saw a few of them, and I also found a few false alarms that were actually sticks.
I tried to be careful during my workout, but I may have “lunged” on a couple of the pavement-dwellers.  I made sure to double-check (triple check) that my pushup zone was worm-free because squashing a worm with your hand is infinitely grosser than squashing a worm with your shoe.


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