This Little Piggy

The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is in 3 weeks.  It was my original spring “big race,” and my reach goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I spur of the moment signed up for the Circular Logic Marathon at the end of March as a fun way to fit in a long training run, but the pieces fit together better than I could have imagined and I qualified at that race.
Now, the question is: Do I still want to run the Flying Pig?

I’ve wavered back and forth for a few weeks, but I made up my mind today: this little piggy  is not running this year.

Part of me felt like I should run it: I finished the “hard part” by logging all of the time and all of the miles.

But most of me had no reason to run it.  I reached my goal at the Circular Logic Marathon, so why run another one so soon?  Especially since I am far from excited about the idea of running another marathon in 3 weeks.  Without a goal or a reason to push me along, 26+ sounds dreadful.

But…I would recommend the race for anyone looking for a new full or half marathon!  I ran the half in 2009 as my first half marathon, and I ran the full in 2010 as my second full marathon.

Here’s a picture of my dad and me after both of us finished the full in 2010:
Notice how wet the background is?  It rained.  It absolutely poured before the race started, and the sky “sputtered” throughout the morning.  Standing in a puddle with sopping wet shoes at the starting line and knowing you are about to run for hours was a feeling I don’t particularly ever want to have again.  But we made it through–and with only one black toenail!

I’d like to do this race again sometime.  Just not in 3 weeks.



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