Turnips and Purple Cauliflower

Three things from this weekend, in no particular order:

  • Ryan and I tried a raw turnip.  It was very gross.  Even with peanut butter.
    It reminded me of the time my friend Alexa and I ate purple cauliflower at an audiology convention in Chicago:
    [Not as gross as the turnip.]
  • Andrea and I spent a few hours at school recording eachother’s brainwaves for our LAST AEP lab.  I only need to record two more ears, and I’m hoping to do that this week.  It’s a little inconvenient to ask someone “Oh, would you mind being a subject for my lab?  It’s easy, really.  All you need to do is sit as still as possible for a few hours while loud clicks pelt your ears through the electrodes that will be taped to your head ..so yes?”  Luckily for me, Ryan volunteers every time!
  • I saw a park fight.  I was on a trail that overlooks a playground and heard two men being very…vocal with each other, and then “Man 1” threw “Man 2” to the ground!  I stopped in my tracks [separated by a large ravine] and stared, appalled, as Man 2 hit the pavement.  And it’s not like they were the only two people at the park; there were kids and families everywhere.  Man 1 had a few more words to say, and then he [and his family] left.  I didn’t stick around, but it’s unnerving to think that kids need adult models to learn how to deal with their emotions..

On a happier note, let’s talk about fitness:

am: 7.5 miles with the 2:1 tempo deal (2 minutes fast, 1 minute slow), and it was awesome.
pm: arm circuit.  Ryan picked me up from school, and we went to the rec center.

16.5 miles
.  Starting this run, I wasn’t sure where to go or even how far I wanted to go.  I hadn’t made my decision regarding The Pig, so I figured I’d wander aimlessly until I got to 20 miles or until I made up my mind (great plan, right?).  Surpringly, I had a nice run and was still fairly energized at the end.

8.5 miles and an arm circuit.  It was a late-afternoon run, and I felt really good.  The temperature was over 70 and I didn’t bring any water, so I didn’t even have enough fluid in me to lick my dry lips.  So I kind of felt like a suffocating fish.  But I found a dollar!


Remember when I found $5 earlier this week?  It’s like I’m getting paid to run!

School count: 10 more days of classes (yay!) until exams (no!).


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