Ball State and other fun things

Last night, Ryan and I drove to Ball State University to watch my brother’s a capella group Note to Self perform.  It was a fun day, and Greg did a fantastic job!

Ryan and I took a few minutes before the trip to check out the flooding down the street from all of the rain we’ve had.
Lauren said that she saw someone canoeing in our parking lot!  Our flooding closed down several main roads, but other areas of the Midwest are under worse conditions than we are.

Here’s a close-up.  This is how I get to the grocery store.  [Which I haven’t done for a while.  In my fridge: 31 single-serving packs of humus, a can of coffee grounds, and salad dressing.]

The drive to Ball State wasn’t drowned, but it was close.

We arrived at around the same time as my mom, dad, and sister Laura, so the five of us played cards and snacked in Greg’s dorm lobby while he showered and got ready; the college boy was rolling out of bed when we got there.

We all hung out and explored a bit before the concert started at 6:15.  The concert was put on by Ball State’s male a capella group Note to Self, but it featured the female group Ladies Choice for several songs.  Both groups did a fabulous job, and Greg rocked his solos!

Sib pic! Me, Greg, Laura

Family picture after the concert with our rock star in the middle.

Ryan and me

It was a fun day, and I’m glad we were all able to go!

While on the subject of fun things, I have been more social in the past four days than the rest of the semester combined.
Some highlights from the week:

  • Bre, Chunk, and I watched Rent on Wednesday night at our pajama/yoga pant only event.  I provided the chocolate.  Chunk cracked me up; he sat on Bre’s lap like a little human.
  • Andrea, Alex, Ryan and I went to Five Guys for dinner after Andrea and I finished a meeting on Thursday.  Alex and Ryan are both recovering from injuries (foot fracture and knee surgery, respectively), so Gimp 1 & Gimp 2 had some ground to cover.
  • Our Thursday night Life Group hung out on Friday night to celebrate Joey’s birthday with games and pizza. The girls were absolutely crushed in guys v girls Trivial Persuit 90’s Edition.  As a ’90’s baby, I was no help.  Cut-throat Dr. Mario tournaments also took place.


Thursday: Hill strength circuit.  I used a steep hill that takes about 2 minutes to run up.
5 x ( run up the hill, 30 push ups, 30 walking lunges per leg, run down the hill, 20 squats with side kicks per leg, 25 trip dips ).  I loved this workout!  The hill added intense cardio between sets without doing burpees (I hate burpees) or mountain climbers (I hate mountain climbers) or any of those other jumpy cardio moves.

am: 7 mile run
pm: 30 minute strength.  Ryan and I got a late start to our workout date after school, but we still managed to squeeze in 30 good minutes.  I took the wrong approach and tried to rush through full body strength instead of targeting something specific like arms, but now I know better for next time.

Saturday: 10 mile run + Pinterest inspired circuit
After finishing the 10 mile loop, I felt energized and wanted to keep going, but I didn’t know where to run (the flooding covered 90% of my normal routes).  Instead of re-running the area I had just covered, I went inside and completed this circuit from Pinterest:
I liked it because you start with 10 reps of each exercise and work your way down to 1.  It only gets easier!  I did side lunges instead of front lunges, and I subbed in tri dips for the reverse crunches.  This workout reminded me to vacuum my room because I was absolutely covered in hair afterward.  Gross!

The rest of this day is dedicated to labs and study guides for our hearing aids class.


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