Ceiling Sunroof

An update on the giant hole in our bathroom ceiling: It’s still there.

Maintenance has been busy taking care of the crazy flooding last weekend, but hopefully they’ll get to us soon.  I bit the bullet after a day and showered under this, and it was super creepy.  Thankfully, I’ve made it out alive and clean three times without any creatures, critters, or weird ceiling dwellers falling on me.


Tuesday: 7 miles on the indoor track.  I would have done this outside, but I was avoiding our shower and used the shower at the rec center.
I warmed up with 2 miles and then ran the next 5 at a fast tempo pace, with a minute of rest between each mile.  I like this workout becaues it’s easier than full-out speedwork or a tempo run, but I’m still running at a faster pace than normal.

Wednesday: 40 minute full body strength
Ryan picked me up after clinic for a workout date!  I took a few minutes beforehand to jot down some moves and combine them to create this workout:

Legs & arms

I probably should have started with a few minutes of cardio to loosen up my muscles, but I hopped right to the weights instead.  This workout was comfortably hard.  I used 5lb dumbells for the front shoulder & side shoulder raises, and I used a random mix of 10-15 lb dumbells for the other moves, depending on how tired I was.  I did all of the leg work first before moving to the arm work.
The hardest moves: Leg= weighted lunges.  Arm= side shoulder raises.

Thursday: 7 miles outside.  Easy pace with a few sprints at the end.

Happy Thursday!


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