Officially the End of the Semester

Spring semester is done.  I am currently at home home relaxing with my three loads of laundry, Diet Coke, and a “fun reading” book.

My mom surprised me with a congratulatory watermelon when I arrived!  Yes!

Watermelon is my very favorite food.

My friend Stephanie and I are watermelon dominators.  Nom-inators?

Before heading home for a few days,  my classmates and I celebrated the successful completion of our first year of grad school.



We had a fun time hanging out, meeting new friends from the SLP program, and busting some crazy dance moves.

As audiology students, we called upon Lauren’s sound level meter app to survey the environment of this college-town club: an ear-blasting 97 dB SPL.


Here’s a chart from that explains safe listening levels.


As explained above, 97 dB SPL (think as loud as a motorcycle) is safe to be around for approximately 30 minutes before risk of noise induced hearing loss. Yikes!  And I’m going to guess we weren’t the only ones there for more than 30 minutes…


Friday: An elliptical creation:

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 4.32.14 PM

I actually did this on the AMT, not the elliptical.  I usually stick to a mid-length stride, but different stride lengths work different muscles, so I thought I’d let give long (full length) & short strides the spotlight for a change.   It was a success!

Saturday: 7 mile run.  10 minutes easy then 2 min tempo + 1 min slow for the rest of the run.  I stuck in 5 x :30 sprints at the end.

Tomorrow is the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.  I’m not running it, but I know several people who are, including my dad!  Wishing everyone a great race!


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