Teacher Talk

After a morning workout at the YMCA, I spent yesterday afternoon in my mom’s kindergarten classroom.

Yours truly, kindergarten style!

There is a lot to learn in kindergarten, and there is a slew of basic skills that need to be assessed throughout the year, so I volunteered to help with the testing.  I pulled kids out one by one to do phonological awareness assessments.

Phonological awareness has to do with understanding that words and sentences are made from sounds put together.  This broad skill set includes rhyming, breaking words apart, and manipulating sounds in words.  I followed a scripted set of questions that asked the kids to rhyme, identify initial and final sounds in words, and put sounds together to make words (what word is /c/ /a/ /t/ ?).

Phonological awareness is a strong predictor of reading ability in both children with normal hearing and children with hearing loss, so it’s important to fine-tune these skills in the emergent reader.  Children with hearing loss often struggle with these pre-literacy skills because they have trouble hearing and discriminating between certain speech sounds, so they need extra attention and guidance in developing as a reader.

Articles of interest:

Fitness Recap:

Sunday: 9 mile run, 10 to 1 plyometric circuit (20 minutes.  Found at the bottom of this post)

Monday: at YMCA:
20 minute warmup on the elliptical
45 minutes of full body strength (with weights)
10 minutes of abs


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